How to cook pumpkin pie in a slow cooker

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Pumpkin is an invariable attribute of any summer cottage with its unhurried life and measured tea drinking on the summer veranda. The slow cooker is an indispensable device of modern kitchen, one of the embodiments of our ever-hurrying and always-late world. It would seem that few compatible things, but with enthusiasm with the imagination of the cook, the eclecticism of the components turns into refined harmony. This is pumpkin pie in a slow cooker! You can also cook this dish without a slow cooker, more here.

In order to cook a delicious pumpkin pie in a slow cooker, we need the following.


Pumpkin Pulp, Sliced 500 ml (1,5 glass for multicooker)
Granulated sugar 700 ml
Refined vegetable oil 120 ml (1 / 3 glass for multicooker)
Top-grade baking flour 1000 ml (2,5 glass for multicooker)
Eggs 2 piece.
Salt, kitchen Xnumx tsp
Culinary baking powder Xnumx tsp
Cinnamon 1 teaspoon
Ground ginger dry Xnumx tsp
Nutmeg 1 pinch (1 / 3 teaspoon)

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1. First you need to grind pumpkin. Depending on the desired consistency, you can use a vegetable cutter, a kitchen processor, or just a small grater. The final amount of pumpkin mass for making the cake should be approximately 1,5 glass for the multicooker. A large "grinding" will keep the pumpkin interspersed on your cake and make it bright and sunny, fine - leave only the exquisite pumpkin flavor. Since the pulp of the pumpkin on 90% consists of water, it is important to ram a bit occasionally. The same principle is necessary to prepare apples, if you decide to use them.

2. The next step is the process of beating eggs with sugar with a mixer until the mass becomes white.

eggs with sugar

3. The crushed pumpkin mixture is added to the egg mass and mixed.

eggs with sugar and pumpkin

4. Add some vegetable oil. For baking, it is preferable to use a refined product. Adding flour, salt and baking powder should be accompanied by sieving and thorough mixing. The final stage in the preparation of the dough consists in stirring and adding spices, which can be used as recommended ingredients, as well as experimental creative findings such as orange peel or lemon peel. Instead of pure cinnamon, I added cinnamon with sugar, so the cake will be even sweeter.

dough in a plate

5. Put the prepared dough in the multicooker bowl (it is recommended to pre-lubricate the bowl with vegetable or butter), leave to bake.

dough in a slow cooker

6. Approximate cooking time is 50 minutes, plus 20 extra minutes for baking and 10 minutes on preheating. For more precise control it is better to use a wooden skewer. Bake is recommended at a temperature of 150 degrees.

multicooker program

7. After the pumpkin pie is baked, let it cool slightly in the bowl with the lid ajar. After that, remove the cake, put it on a plate. You can decorate it with powdered sugar, chocolate icing or other ingredients before serving. Feel free to brew tea. The aroma of freshly baked cake will eliminate the need to collect guests to the table. Done! Delicious and fragrant summer and sunny cake awaits guests and their rave reviews!

Video recipe

A bit of history

The pumpkin's historic homeland is South America, cultivated by the aborigines around 5000 years. Several centuries ago, imported from the southern hemisphere to Europe, this vegetable was not widely used, but rather was used as a decorative material. In domestic cooking pumpkin also did not immediately become very popular. Despite its beneficial properties, many do not like the smell or taste of this fruit. To remedy the situation, you can cook a variety of dishes based on the pumpkin, which includes in its composition and other components. What could be better than pumpkin porridge and pies stuffed with pumpkin, puddings, pancakes, juice, cream soups with this useful product. And the smell of baked pieces with a crispy caramel crust stimulates the appetite more than many other types of dessert!

Useful Properties

According to the saturation of the pumpkin (there is also a fodder and decorative variety) with microelements and vitamins, this culture can replace a whole range of vegetables. In the presence of carotene, it is only slightly inferior to carrots, it has no equal in iron content with vitamin T. By including pumpkin in the list of frequently consumed foods, you improve vision and digestion, reduce the risk of cancer, strengthen the immune system, accelerate the process of tissue regeneration (regeneration). Thanks to a rich set of nutrients, pumpkin is increasingly being used as the main ingredient in infant formula. The beneficial effect on digestion and the absence of allergens allows the addition of pumpkin to the baby’s diet from an early age.

In today's abundant culinary recipes, it is easy to find dishes using sunny vegetables, there are healthy soups, a variety of pumpkin cereals, original desserts: cakes, casseroles, and even a souffle. I would like to offer traditional pumpkin piebut cooked in a slow cooker.

For cooking, it is more convenient to use a small fruit; from varieties, it is preferable to choose a red pumpkin - it is sweeter. The choice of the multicooker is also not accidental: in it the cake is quite lush and perfectly cooked inside. Having prepared such pastries, you can decorate the table for both homemade tea drinking and meeting guests. If desired, you can cut the cake into two parts and soak it with cream or jam. It will turn out real pumpkin cake, an unforgettable decoration for any holiday or anniversary!

You can also cook diet pumpkin pie in a slow cooker. To do this, you only need to slightly change the recipe, removing the oil and reducing the amount of sugar. An interesting variant of such a dessert, which was remembered from childhood - a pumpkin pie with apples. This type of dessert is incredibly sweet, juicy and rich. To cook it, peel the apples, grate them with a grater, squeeze out excess juice and combine the pulp with the pumpkin. Then proceed according to the recipe. Determine the amount of sugar according to your preferences.

Experiment in the kitchen and delight your loved ones with your culinary masterpieces. Enjoy your meal!

Updated: 02.05.2018

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