How to cook pumpkin honey

pumpkin honey

It has been known for a long time that the main symbol of health is pumpkin honey. It was used by the long-livers of the Caucasus, being aware of all its useful properties. Used it daily - it was an immutable rule. Today, many people follow the popular trend, they can always find a table with this useful product on the table. Moreover, there are a lot of varieties of the product now: pumpkin, may and other variations of useful sweetness, which has a whole set of useful properties. You should also understand that this product has certain disadvantages, in particular, contraindications to use.

Pumpkin honey contains a very large number of vitamins and trace elements of various kinds, which must be present in the human body, but they are found only in this product. Pumpkin is also a source of exclusively natural sugars, therefore pumpkin honey does not contain artificial ingredients. Thus, this product is easily digestible and environmentally friendly.

Than useful?

Before we begin to describe all the pros and cons of this wonderful product from natural ingredients, you should remember its distinguishing features in order to easily and quickly select pumpkin honey from other types of products of bees. It is characterized by a light yellow color. The second distinctive feature is a very distinctive taste - very delicate, causing associations with melon. By its structure, honey is very soft.

Due to the well-known healing properties of pumpkin honey is often used in medicine, and not only in folk. With the help of pumpkin honey you can fight with various diseases. For example, pumpkin honey according to popular recipes can cure diseases of the kidneys, gall bladder, and the gastrointestinal tract.

However, it should be noted that there are contraindications. Special attention to the amount of used pumpkin honey should be paid to people who suffer from a variety of cardiovascular diseases or have a predisposition to them. Choleretic and diuretic properties of pumpkin honey can have a negative impact on the body in this case.

This “sweet medicine” has gained widespread use due to its healing properties as well as its ability to serve as a preventive measure against certain diseases. Before use, you must pay attention to the contraindications, as well as consult with your doctor.

Antioxidant properties

In the piggy bank of the beneficial properties of pumpkin honey there is another important quality - it is a unique absorption and elimination of hazardous substances and toxins from our body without harm to it. Folk experts say that for poisoning, stomach pain, constipation of varying severity and complexity, pain in the liver, you must take pumpkin honey (do not forget about contraindications!).

It is also worth remembering that daily consumption of pumpkin honey will be the best prevention for you. Best of all, they need to replace sugar (which is not in vain considered to be a “white death” that can do a lot of damage to the body) - then you will be overtaken by stomach ailments and liver problems without the use of medicines. Even in those cases when your body is not helped by traditional methods of treatment and requires medical intervention, do not neglect pumpkin honey with its healing properties, which can provide you with significant help.

How sweet medicine

In the presence of pumpkin honey a lot of properties of different nature. In order to make the most of all its properties, it is recommended to cook cottage cheese, which is twice as useful. According to the recipe, you need to mix these two ingredients in proportions 10 to 1. To improve preventive measures in the spring and autumn period, it is strongly advised to add it to tea. From this drink will be more good than from many infusions and herbal decoctions. Under the guidance of a doctor, you can use several recipes of traditional medicine, which can be helpful in case of serious diseases.

Recipe for pumpkin honey. You can prepare a “sweet medicine” at home - there are many recipes for preparing such a dish. Although there are no fundamental differences between these recipes.


In order to cook pumpkin honey according to any of the recipes, we need:

Whole ripe pumpkin
Sugar or honey


Phased cooking pumpkin honey prescription with sugar.

1. A small, but ripe pumpkin needs to be washed and dried. For the next steps, you need to cut off the top to get a cap;

small tikva

2. It is necessary to clean out all the internal parts of the pumpkin, without cutting it. For this we make a small funnel, it will be convenient to remove seeds and fibers through it;

pumpkin with seeds

3. Then pour sugar inside the purified pumpkin (according to another recipe, you need to lay any honey). We put the vegetable itself in a large dish and cover it with a natural lid that was cut before;

pumpkin with sugar

4. After the 7-10 days have passed, a liquid will start to appear inside the pumpkin - this is our pumpkin honey. Best of all, wait a little while for all the sugar to ferment, then gently drain the resulting product. If you see that the edges of the pumpkin or its lids are covered with mold, then it should be drained through gauze to avoid contamination.

pumpkin honey

Video recipe

The resulting product is the most natural pumpkin honey, completely harmless, containing many vitamins, trace elements. Do not forget to hide the vegetable itself in a dark and cool place for a period of 1 month.

It should be understood that pumpkin honey prepared according to this recipe is not an analogue of the bee product by its parameters. It has much more benefits than regular sugar. Replace sugar with cooked pumpkin honey and enjoy the divine taste of this wholesome product.

Updated: 04.03.2019

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  1. Lana

    I made this honey. Add honey, not sugar. The whole top became moldy both inside and outside, and the mold was black. The liquid tasted a bit, like kvass, but with a strong mildew taste. I had to throw everything out. It turns out that you will be poisoned, and not treated, because Mold is a strong toxin !!! Sorry for so much honey wasted for nothing !! Not the right recipe, there should be no mold!

    • endru5

      You yourself wrote that you did not follow the recipe, but now you say that the recipe is bad.

  2. Elena

    And I did it perfectly. Thanks for the recipe. I use.

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