How to cook pumpkin pancakes

ready pumpkin pancakes

At the end of the fall season, a wonderful product like pumpkin comes to the menu of all cuisines. We used to make dishes from it, but, fortunately, we don’t need it. Therefore, we pay special attention to its composition, to the natural vitamin-mineral complex, the benefits of which it makes no sense to argue. The pumpkin has become so rooted on our tables that recipes based on it were considered indigenous Russians, although its first appearance here was noted in 18 only a century, and Europe began to use it already in the 15 century. She came to the Old World thanks to Columbus and immediately gained popularity, which she still does not lose.

If the pumpkin is properly stored, it will easily lie throughout the winter. To pumpkin was ready for use, you just need to remove the hard skin and clean the seeds and fiber.

Recipes and cooking pumpkin pancakes a lot. They can be baked in a pan, in the oven and even using a slow cooker. You can prepare the dough on the basis of soda or yeast - this will depend only on which recipe you choose. For the base, most often, use kefir, sour milk or sour cream. Be sure to add eggs and flour.


In order to cook pumpkin pancakes using kefir according to the recipe, we will need:

Kefir (can be replaced with sour milk) 200 gr
Flour 250 gr
Pumpkin 200-300 gr
Cream 2 tbsp.
Sugar 2 tbsp.
Eggs 2 piece.
Baking powder, salt, vegetable oil

pancake ingredients


Step-by-step recipe for making such a dessert as kefir-based pumpkin pancakes:

1. Pre-prepared pumpkin wash, clean and rub on a grater with large holes;

grated pumpkin

2. Then in the grated pumpkin add the following ingredients: sugar, eggs, sour cream, salt, flour mixed with baking powder;

flour with grated pumpkin

3. The resulting mixture pour kefir and thoroughly knead until a homogeneous consistency. As a result, you should have a dough that resembles liquid sour cream;

uniform dough consistency

4. We turn on the gas on a small level, put a frying pan, pour in the oil and let it warm up a little. Pancakes are laid out with a spoon. On one side they should roast without a lid for 2-3 minutes;

pancakes in a pan

5. When it's time to turn the pancakes up, muffle a little fire, turn them over, and then cover the pan with a lid and let the pumpkin pancakes bake. Watch carefully so that they do not burn (most likely, the oil will splash due to condensation that forms under the lid - be careful);

fried pancakes in a pan

6. Finished pancakes are recommended to lay out in a bowl with a lid, and it is better to serve immediately to the table!

Video recipe

Pumpkin fritters are on the list of the easiest cooking recipes. Their recipe is very simple, fritters It turns out delicious, beautiful and fragrant. Any number of pan fried or baked pancakes is quickly eaten by the whole family.

This dietary fruit contains very little fiber and a large amount of organic acids. In 100 grams of pumpkin - approximately 23 kcal, and 90% of its content is water. In its composition there is such an amount of carotene, which exceeds carrot by 4 times in this indicator. A separate advantage is its ability to quickly digest, although pumpkin applies to very satisfying foods. Depending on the level of its maturity, the consistency of the pulp varies (it can be soft or hard). Meals can be prepared from any kind of fruit.

If you are on a diet or simply do not eat fried, then there is a recipe for pumpkin fritters, which can be baked in the oven. In this case, the dough will be slightly different. It will be necessary to exclude kefir, add 3 eggs, a little more sour cream and flour. This dough is thicker and more convenient for baking in the oven. However, remember that when baking pancakes in the oven you need to leave a sufficient distance between them, as they rise. On one side you need to bake 15 minutes. Then the fritters roll over and bake for 10 minutes.

Bon appetit!

Updated: 30.09.2018

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