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ready pumpkin jam

If you like sweet, tasty and fragrant jam, then you should like a special and quite original solution that combines not only taste, but also great benefits. Try to make a very healthy and healthy jam with orange, lemon and pumpkin. Perhaps the combination of ingredients will scare you, but believe me, you have not tasted anything tastier.

The recipe of cooking is quite simple and does not take much time. To cook pumpkin jam with lemon and orange, you will need minimal knowledge and skills. Given the simplicity and uniqueness of the recipe, any novice hostess can handle it. Pumpkin goes well with citrus.

Pumpkin jam is a healing source of vitamins, minerals, nutrients, health, strength and vigor. According to the proposed recipe, it is necessary to cook it with orange and lemon, however, you can cook without them, but it will be a completely different and less interesting recipe. The following ingredients are necessary to make this type of jam:


Pumpkin not less than three kilograms
Lemon one joke
oranges two pieces
Sugar to your own taste

To prepare the jam according to the proposed recipe, you will need the following kitchen equipment: glass jars with lids, a board, a sharp knife, a wooden spatula, a large saucepan, a funnel and a ladle. Approximate cooking time is about four hours. Calorie content in one hundred grams of the finished product is about one hundred and eighty kilocalories. Step-by-step cooking of jam according to the recipe consists of such manipulations:


1) Prepare all the above ingredients and necessary equipment, then you can begin the process of cooking jam. At the first stage - the preparation of pumpkins. You will need a juicy, sweet and ripe pumpkin. Peel it from the skin and viscera. Cut the pulp into equal, medium-sized pieces.

peeled peeled pumpkin

2) Wash the oranges and lemon under warm running water, clean the skin with a thin layer using a brush. You can not completely remove the peel, because it contains a huge amount of useful substances, minerals and vitamins that will be stored in a jar of jam. Cut the fruit, remove the bones, using the sharp edge of the knife.

peeling and slicing orange with lemon

3) Then take a large and convenient saucepan. Pour into it the sliced ​​pumpkin, lemon and orange. Lavishly sprinkle with sugar. Stir and place on the stove.

pumpkin lemon and orange in the pan

4) Next comes the crucial and important process - cooking. Bring the contents of the pan to a boil over low heat. After that, it must be boiled for about ten minutes, stirring constantly, so that the mass does not burn. Remove the pan from the stove. Let the jam cool for an hour.

cooking pumpkin jam

5) When the contents of the pan have cooled, return it to the stove and bring to a boil again. Simmer for about seven minutes, stirring constantly. After that, again remove from heat, leave for an hour and a half.

re-cooking the jam

6) Before you send the saucepan to the stove for the third time, you need to prepare glass jars and lids. Sterilize them. Spread hot jam after boiling in warm jars. At this time, a fantastic and incredibly delicious aroma will spread through your kitchen. Take the lids and tightly screw the jars of jam, leave them at room temperature. When they are completely cooled, you can safely clean the storeroom or cellar.

jars in glass jars

7) Delicious, healthy and incredibly delicious jam with lemon, pumpkin and orange is ready. You can eat it immediately, spread it on fresh bread or just drink hot tea! Give your guests such a wonderful jam, they will surely enjoy it!

One jar of pumpkin jam is a source of energy, health, good mood, vitamins and medicinal substances. Prepare a pumpkin treat and delight your household with healthy food.

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Cooking recommendations

When using and storing this bright and tasty jam follow the following recommendations:

  • despite the enormous benefits of such a jam, you should not give it to too small children. Enter it into the diet of the baby in small portions from the age of five;
  • so that the jam does not disappear and does not turn sour, harvest it in small jars. So it will be possible to open it to pancakes or to tea at one time and not worry that the rest of the jam will spoil.

Cook with pleasure.

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