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ready pumpkin biscuits

Pumpkin is not only a useful and medicinal product, but also a very tasty base for many desserts. Do you want to please and surprise households with an original and tasty culinary invention? Then you need to prepare the divine печенье: soft, fragrant, sweet, rich and melting in the mouth. At the heart of the preparation of this dessert is the usual pumpkin. Pumpkin biscuits are a simple, but at the same time unique kind of dessert, which is prepared quickly, simply and without unnecessary trouble. There are many recipes for this dessert, but you need to use a reliable and proven over the years cooking method. Pumpkin cookies will be your favorite treat. To cook it, just follow the instructions provided in the recipe.


To make cookies for an amazing recipe, you need ingredients such as:

Pumpkin five hundred grams
Sugar one glass
Brown sugar one hundred gram
Baking powder for the dough two teaspoons
Flour two glasses
Salt fine one pinch
Ground nutmeg one teaspoon
Cinnamon one teaspoon
eggs two pieces
Butter two hundred grams
Chocolate drops two hundred grams

Cooking time for this recipe is about two hours. The degree of difficulty is minimal.


Phased preparation of cookies according to the original recipe with detailed photos:

1) Prepare the necessary products that you will need for dessert. Take a pumpkin, it should be very ripe, sweet and juicy. It is desirable that she had a bright orange color. Peel the fruit from the skin and viscera. Wash under running water and then dry with a paper towel. Take a sharp knife and cut into cubes of the same size. Send the sliced ​​pumpkin to the pan, cover with boiling water and place on the stove. Bring to a boil and keep the heat low, cook for about twenty minutes.

pumpkin in the water on the stove

2) After the healthy fruit pieces are soft, you can remove the saucepan from the stove. Drain all liquid and use a blender to make a smooth mashed potatoes. Make sure that there are no lumps, as they can spoil the finished dish.

shredded pumpkin blender

3) Now you need to proceed to the most important stage in the cooking process - kneading the perfect dough, which will continue to melt in your mouth. It is necessary to get in advance from the refrigerator chicken eggs and butter. Eggs should be at room temperature, and butter should have a soft structure. Take a deep bowl, pour in the prepared white sugar and add soft butter. Carefully rub in a homogeneous mass. Then add the eggs and whip the mass into a lush foam, you can use a mixer. Add pumpkin puree.

butter and eggs

4) Take a large and comfortable bowl. Sift the wheat flour into it, and then add all the dry ingredients, namely salt, cinnamon, brown sugar, nutmeg, baking powder (if not, you can replace with soda, which must be extinguished beforehand with vinegar). Stir thoroughly, then mix with oil mass.

flour with ingredients

5) Mix thoroughly. As a result, you should have a smooth and beautiful dough with a wonderful aroma.

homogeneous dough in a bowl

6) Take the chocolate drops confectionery and add to the resulting dough, mix.

dough with chocolate drops

7) Then proceed to baking. Preheat the oven to one hundred eighty degrees. Take a large sheet of pastry and cover with special parchment, which is intended for baking. Using a spoon, place the cookies at some distance from each other. Put in the oven. Cooking time is about ten minutes. If necessary, you can extend the baking time. The main thing is not to overdo it in the oven! Make sure that the cookies are not burnt. After you get it out of the oven, spread it on the grid until it cools completely.

cookies on paper

8) Pumpkin Cookies Ready! Tasty, fragrant, appetizing and nutritious biscuits are perfect for a cup of hot coffee or tea. If you cook it in large quantities, you can not worry about its safety, since it does not get stale for up to five days.

Video recipe

Take advantage of the proposed idea and please your loved ones with such yummy.

Pumpkin biscuits are not only very tasty, but also healthy. Due to the short heat treatment pumpkin puree preserves a large number of nutrients that are beneficial for the body. This dessert enriches the body with vitamins and microelements. Thanks to carotene and vitamin D, which are contained in a huge amount of pumpkin, you will be able to say goodbye to depressive mood, and also greatly enhance immunity. Ready pumpkin biscuits will delight everyone with its structure, taste and unique aroma that will spread throughout the house in the baking process. Your household will not be able to resist such a pumpkin temptation!

Useful tips and tricks

To get the perfect dish, you can follow the following recommendations:

  • You can replace white sugar with honey, then you will get the original печеньеhaving a rich smell and taste;
  • in addition to cinnamon and ground nutmeg, excellent spices that are suitable for this dessert are allspice and cloves.

Also you will like pumpkin juice with orange for the winter.

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