The recipe for pumpkin casserole with semolina

ready pumpkin casserole

Pumpkin is a useful root crop that contains many vitamins, minerals, amino acids, macro- and microelements, which are directly involved in the important vital processes of the body. If based on it to cook a casserole, you get an airy, dietary and incredibly tasty dish. Rich treat has a rich chemical composition. Basically, it is prepared for afternoon tea or breakfast. Pumpkin perfectly complements not only desserts, but also salty, sweet dishes, giving them a rich flavor, bright color and refined aroma.

Features of the root

Pumpkin is considered a universal root vegetable, so the casserole can be prepared with fruits, vegetables, berries, cottage cheese and decoy, zest, lemon juice, vanilla, cinnamon. Dessert can be made on a varied basis. Pumpkin casserole cooked with pasta, various cereals and rice. Basically, all ingredients are prepared in advance to shorten the final cooking time.

Delicious and healthy sweet pumpkin casserole with semolina served to the table immediately after cooking. It is important to note that the casserole will be no less tasty after it has completely cooled. Can be served with jam, condensed milk, jam, honey, sour cream or sauce.


To get useful, tasty casserole with semolina, you need the following ingredients:

Raisins 30 grams
Semolina 400 grams
Ripe pumpkin 500 grams
Chicken egg 1 piece.
sugar, powdered 3 tablespoons
Butter 20 grams

From this list of ingredients, four servings of delicious, healthy and airy pumpkin dessert are obtained.


1. Prepare a ripe pumpkin, wash it and remove the peel, get rid of the internal fibers, seeds. Cut into medium cubes with a sharp knife, put into a pan, pour in some water, boil until ready.

pumpkin slices in a pan

2. Cool the boiled pumpkin, then add powdered sugar and egg. Use a blender to get a bright mass with a uniform consistency.

pumpkin with icing sugar and egg

3. The resulting mass is mixed with semolina, mix thoroughly. Ensure that no lumps form.

the resulting mixture with semolina

4. If necessary, blend the mixture again with a blender to achieve a uniform texture. Do you want the casserole to be more fragrant and attractive? Then add lemon or orange zest. To add spice, you can add vanilla or cinnamon.

homogeneous casserole texture

5. Fill the raisins with boiling water for half an hour beforehand. Drain the liquid, dry the raisins and add it to the pumpkin dough.

pumpkin pastry with raisins

6. If desired, you can add nuts and dried apricots, mix thoroughly.

carefully stirred dough

7. This recipe will allow you to prepare a tasty, original and healthy dish. Use a heat-resistant baking dish, grease it with plenty of butter, sprinkle with breadcrumbs or semolina. Pour the dough, put the form in the oven preheated to 200 degrees.

baking dish

8. Pumpkin dessert is ready. Serve with tea, juice or milk. You can pour it with melted chocolate, cream or fruit sauce.

Video recipe

The recipe of cooking is very simple, clear and accessible, so even a schoolboy can cope with it.

If you want something more original, prepare for your loved ones pumpkin and orange juice for the winter.

Updated: 09.05.2018

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