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ready pea soup

Pea soup is a tasty, fragrant and pleasant dish that must be properly prepared. Even if you do not like peas and its smell, the situation can be corrected by a properly selected method of cooking. This first dish has one drawback, namely, the long soaking of peas. To this procedure did not cause difficulties and time-consuming, you can soak it overnight, and in the morning to start cooking.

There are many recipes for such a dish, each of which has something similar to each other. To cook really delicious soup with peas, you need a proven, reliable and the best recipe. Only then this dish will become your favorite and will be a constant companion of your dinner table. The best and tasty option is considered pea soup with pork. This recipe is quite simple, but it takes time and some effort to get a masterpiece.

Following the directions in the proposed recipe, you can cook a hearty, nutritious, very tasty and rich pea soup with pork. Want to make ready-made soup beautiful and attractive? Then decorate it with chopped greens and serve with bread croutons. According to the recipe, you need to prepare the following basic ingredients with which you can create a real culinary masterpiece:


Peas five hundred grams
Pork meat about three hundred grams
Medium-sized potatoes six pieces
Onions one head
Carrots one joke
Garlic several teeth
Mustard two teaspoons
Greens for decoration
Vegetable oil for frying vegetables
Salt pepper to taste


Step by step cooking soup according to the recipe with photos:

1) Pea Soup is a dish that requires a certain amount of time, as it is necessary to soak the peas in cold water for ten hours. That is why such a procedure should be performed in the evening, so that in the morning you can start cooking.

So, in the morning, take a colander, shift the peas onto it and wait until all the liquid has drained. You also need to prepare the remaining ingredients listed in the recipe.

soup ingredients

2) Pork choose not very fat, but not lean. Rinse it under running water and blot with paper towels. Put it on a cutting board, take a sharp knife and cut it into strips. Pour water into a saucepan, put chopped pork, set it on fire. Cook for about thirty minutes. Do not forget to remove the foam. Then you need to salt the broth and boil for another fifteen minutes. After that, remove the meat and put the peas, cook for about forty-five minutes.

sliced ​​pork on the board

3) Next you will need vegetables. Carrots and onions should be peeled, washed in water and cut into small cubes.

chopped onions and carrots on a board

4) Put a griddle on the stove, pour in vegetable oil and warm it. Fry the prepared onions and carrots until golden brown, stirring.

onions and carrots in a pan

5) In the meantime, you can do potatoes. Pre-peeled potatoes cut into strips or cubes, preferably the same size.

diced potatoes

6) Forty-five minutes after you set the peas to boil, add the sliced ​​potatoes to it. Stir thoroughly. Simmer for about twenty minutes.

peas and potatoes in soup

7) Then, according to the recommendations, you need to add meat and ready frying in the soup. Mix. Salt and boil for about another fifteen to twenty minutes.

meat in soup

8) Set the pot aside and add the following ingredients: mustard, finely chopped garlic. Stir well and can be served in portion plates, sprinkled with herbs beforehand.

Video recipe

Soup with peas and pork is a great recipe. Prepare it and please the household with an exquisite soup, which will become a favorite guest at the dinner table.

Useful and nutritional properties

Pea soup has a list of useful and nutritional properties, namely:

  • It is a source of vitamins B, E, C, PP and A, trace elements and useful minerals (phosphorus, potassium, chlorine, magnesium), protein and carbohydrates, which are quickly absorbed;
  • seventy-five kilocalories per 100 gram of soup;
  • is a dietary dish, so with it you can lose those extra pounds;
  • prevents the occurrence of depressive mood, insomnia;
  • helps to improve metabolism and increase intestinal motility.

Cook fragrant pea soup and pamper your household!

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Updated: 16.07.2018

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