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Being a cook is not easy. It's hard to please everyone. Everyone has their own tastes and preferences when choosing those or other dishes. Some do not tolerate seafood, others do not eat dairy dishes, others do not like meat. But there is an alternative. Any dish can be prepared by replacing some ingredient with another. You can cook delicious, observing the little tricks. If you need to cook porridge with milk, and your child does not like porridge, transform it with fruits and nuts. Try this way to surprise your child.

Thanks to a wide variety of recipes, you can beat a combination like rice and fruit in a variety of ways. On their basis, you can cook second courses, desserts. One of these amazing desserts is rice pudding. This dish will not leave anyone indifferent. The lush, tender texture, amazing aroma and pleasant taste of the pudding make it an excellent option for a children's breakfast. Here we look at the rice pudding recipe, the history of its appearance, as well as a detailed description of the rice included in its composition. There will also be considered options for dishes from rice porridge.

Pudding history

Everyone knows that the recipe for pudding originated in Europe. This is a traditional dessert in England. On Christmas, 25 December can be seen on the table of any English family. Also this delicacy is loved by countries such as the USA, Canada and Australia. All over the world, rice pudding is considered one of the most interesting and delicious desserts.

The origin of the pudding is ambiguous. Some say that pudding originated from oatmeal cooked in broth with the addition of bread crumbs, prunes, nuts and honey. Others claim that the pudding appeared on the basis of an oven-baked casserole made from leftover foods filled with eggs. And pudding was called canned meat, which was stored along with prunes in the basement. Until the end of the XVIII century, pudding was not considered a dessert. It was the second course, a side dish. Later, the porridge included in the pudding, began to combine with fruit, sugar, chocolate and various confectionery products.

Brief description of the main ingredient

Rice (more here) is one of the most common products. There are about 5000 rice varieties suitable for food. Rice is added to soups, serves as a side dish for meat, fish or poultry. On the basis of it they prepare vodka, kvass. This culture began to grow 7000 years ago. For the first time rice was found in China, Vietnam, Thailand and India.

There is a basic division of rice into varieties: long, round, and others. For long varieties include: unpolished (brown) rice, white, jasmine and baste. Round varieties include dessert rice, arborio and Valencia. Other rice varieties include: black rice, red and wild. To cook rice pudding, it’s best to use long white, dessert round or black rice.

Rice cleans the body well. It removes toxins and slags. This croup contains vitamins of group B, PP and E. In addition to vitamins, there are proteins, carbohydrates, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, sodium, and iron. Often used for the preparation of dietary and vegetarian dishes. To cook rice for pudding, it is best to use milk. It contains many useful substances. These ingredients are great for making kids pudding for breakfast.

Rice Porridge Dishes

The most common and healthy rice dish is rice porrige on water or milk. Also, rice porridge can be cooked in broth. On the basis of this product is prepared: rice pudding, risotto, rice, paella, Japanese mochi flat cakes and many other dishes. The pudding recipe is covered in more detail below.

There are many recipes for making puddings. The best recipe is to cook this dish based on rice porridge. At the same time you can cook porridge in milk or water. Do not be afraid to experiment! The more different options for this dessert you try to cook, the faster you will invent the one that will become your family treat.

In order to cook rice pudding according to the recipe below, we need:


Milk 1 glass
Round rice 60 gr
Butter 25 gr
Raisins 20 gr
Eggs 2 piece.
Sugar 1 Art. a spoon

pudding ingredients

This quantity of ingredients is calculated for one portion. If desired, you can cook a larger pudding, while it is necessary to increase the number of components, taking into account the proportions.


1. First, wash the rice under cold water. It is more convenient to cook rice in a cauldron, so we will use it. Fill one part of the cereal with two parts of water, bring to a boil and boil for 10 minutes.

rice with water on the stove

2. Rice pour boiled milk, salt. We continue to cook for half an hour. After cooking, let the porridge cool.

rice with milk on the stove

3. Turn on the oven so that it can warm up to 180 degrees. To rice porridge add washed raisins, eggs, add sugar and vanillin.

rice with sugar and eggs

4. All specified ingredients should be mixed thoroughly. Before you put the mixture into the form, do not forget to grease it with a piece of butter (if you use a form of silicone, then this is not necessary). We spread the preparation for rice pudding in the prepared form, level it. If desired, you can lubricate the surface of the pudding egg, so that when baking a ruddy crust is formed.

baking tray

5. When the oven heats up to the desired temperature, put in the form with a dish (preferably closer to the middle of the oven). The baking time of a dish like rice pudding is approximately 30-40 minutes. The exact evidence of the readiness of the pudding will be its golden color.

baking tray

6. As soon as rice pudding is ready, lay it out on a large platter, cut it into pieces and invite people close to tea! Together with the dessert, be sure to put jam, jam or condensed milk on the table.

Video recipe

Pudding can be eaten, both hot and cold. In combination with fruit and chocolate, it acquires a special taste and aroma. Try rice pudding for breakfast or lunch. You will love it.

Updated: 22.12.2018

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