Rice Casserole with Apple Recipe

a piece of the finished casserole

Delicious dish for "Malojezhki"

All mothers know how difficult it is to get something to eat a little picky. Our children will be happy to eat chips, chocolates, cookies, popular ready-made breakfasts. And to persuade them to use products such as cottage cheese or sour cream (very necessary for a growing body) is almost impossible. But after all, our task is to feed the cub not only tasty, but also useful.

I suggest you include in the diet a dish like cottage cheese and rice casserole with an apple. I assure you that it will take much more time to prepare this delicious and satisfying dessert than to persuade you to try a delicacy.

A bit of history

Before we start cooking with you, let's delve a little into the history of the origin of this dish, analysis of its recipe, components of rice casserole cooked in the oven. Casseroles from various groats are known to us since the times of Ancient Russia, when they were called Krusenik. Rice casserole appeared much later, more like a liquid gruel or kutyu, which was added fruit or raisins.

Casseroles, which exist in our time, came to us from France. For the first time, our ancestors tried them in the VIII century. Then this dish was prepared from what was left on the table after a meal. It could be fish or meat, various vegetables or fruits, cereals. The main thing is that the ingredients are combined and complement each other. The chefs improvised with the composition and sauces for casseroles, trying to cook something original. Nowadays casserole is an everyday and festive dish, it is enjoyed by children and adults alike. It can be served for breakfast and dinner. Use your own recipe and fantasy, then your loved ones will appreciate your efforts!

General characteristics of the main ingredients

One of the ingredients of our casserole is an apple - a plant of the Pink family. This fruit came to us from Central Asia. Many varieties of these fruits, different in color, size and weight (from 70 to 350 grams), have reached our days.

Why is this fruit useful?

Well, of course, a high content of vitamins A, C, vitamins of group B, G, a lot of other nutrients. Few people know that apples are used in traditional medicine for the treatment of various diseases. There are many varieties of apples. They are divided into three groups, depending on the time of collection. Summer - stored for long, autumn - up to four months, winter - up to eight months. It is with them that rice cakes with apples are delicious.

Cottage cheese is one of the most healthy and healthy fermented milk products. We were engaged in its preparation in antiquity, and its classic recipe reached us almost unchanged. Cottage cheese can be distinguished by its fat content. So it is defined in three categories:

  1. Bold cottage cheese - contains no more than 18% fat.
  2. Bold curd - contains up to 9% fat.
  3. Fat-free cottage cheese - contains less than 3% fat of the total mass.

Cottage cheese is not only a tasty product, but also healthy. Its beneficial properties are due to the exceptional production technology. So, during cooking, two components important for metabolism are distinguished from milk: easily digestible protein and cow fat. They made it from the usual yogurt. She was placed in a hot oven for several hours, then removed and poured into a linen bag in order to drain off the serum. Then pressed and served as a separate dish with sour cream or used for various baking. This is an ideal component to prepare such a dish as cottage cheese and rice casserole.

One of the main ingredients of this sweet rice casserole is rice. This is the most consumed cereal in the world. It grows in a tropical climate. According to statistics, a person a year eats up to 200 a kilo of rice. Rice is known as a fairly high-calorie culture. Perhaps this is one of the reasons for its popularity. There are many different varieties of rice - round grain, long grain, red, brown, black and others. Long-grain steamed and round grain rice is popular in our country. Rice is used to prepare various dishes - salads, soups, side dishes, pilaf, casseroles, and many others.

Rice composition

Protein filling rice - 8%. Does not contain the vegetable protein of gluten causing an allergic reaction. On 78% rice consists of complex carbohydrates, which allow a person to stay full for a long time. There is very little fiber in rice: in brown rice it is up to 4,5%, in steamed and white rice it is even less - 3%. It is an ideal ingredient for cooking such a hearty meal as a sweet rice casserole. The recipe for such a simple dish like rice casserole is very simple. In order to cook a sweet rice casserole in the oven according to the recipe, we need:


Curd 500 gr
rice 200 gr
Apple (red) 2 piece.
Chicken egg 5 piece.
Sugar 1 glass

casserole ingredients


Step by step recipe. Cooking this cottage cheese and rice casserole will not take you much time. Rice is recommended to take a round not steamed, as it is better suited for cooking rice casserole.

1. To begin with, wash the rice thoroughly, cook until ready in salted water or milk (as you like).

rice in a saucepan

2. Pound the cottage cheese well with sugar using a fork or blender until smooth. If the cottage cheese is dry, you can add some milk or low-fat cream.

cottage cheese with sugar in a bowl

3. Now add four eggs to the curd, mix.

cottage cheese with sugar and eggs

4. Wash apples, peel, rub on a large grater.

grated apple on a grater

5. All ingredients are well mixed, lay out in a greased or silicone form. Do not forget to grease the egg casserole on top. Heat the oven to 200 degrees, send the casserole to it. Bake for 30-40 minutes until a brown crust.

all ingredients in a bowl

6. Finished rice casserole can be served with sour cream, jam, jam or your favorite sauce, hot or cold.

Video recipe

Sweet rice casserole with apples ready for use. Enjoy your meal!

Updated: 30.11.2018

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