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several ready-made cookies

Any woman wants to have an ideal figure, but at the same time not everyone can refuse her favorite sweets. But it is not necessary to completely refuse. There are delicacies that not only do not harm your form, but will also benefit the whole body. To such with certainty can be attributed oat cookies. The recipe and taste of this dish has been familiar to us since childhood, but we have not even thought about its origin and beneficial properties.

Historical background

The history of the appearance of oat cookies takes us to the middle of the nineteenth century, then it was first started to be cooked in Scotland. Of course, today's recipe for cookies and cookies from the past differ in composition and taste. It was not a dessert at that time, since the Scots made it from oats and water, and they began to add sugar to the recipe much later. Baked such oat cakes on hot stones. It was something like bread, but without flour. Due to its high energy value, such flat cakes saved people from hunger. In the history of cooking, the recipe for this cookie can also be found under the name "Soldier Cookies". During the First World War, it was oatmeal cookies that served as a supporting food for army fighters due to its property to persist for a long time and nutritional value.

General benefits

The main component of cookies are oatmeal (more here) or oatmeal. Practically everyone knows about the benefits of cereals, in particular, oats. In its composition, oats contain vitamins of group B, as well as A, E and PP. It is rich in fiber, dietary fiber and trace elements (iron, calcium, potassium, magnesium, iodine, fluorine and phosphorus).

For women who care about their beauty and health, this product is simply indispensable in the diet. Dietary fibers are not digested in the body, they absorb toxic substances with slags, and also stimulate peristalsis, in a timely manner ensuring the removal of harmful substances from the intestine. With the daily use of oatmeal cookies in small quantities, the body is saturated with necessary trace elements, which is important during the period of adherence to the diet. Calcium, phosphorus and fluorine strengthen bones, make strong nails and hair. Potassium and magnesium are very beneficial for the heart muscle and nervous system. During the diet period, most women experience depression. Reception of dishes from oatmeal helps to get rid of it or prevent its occurrence. Iodine has a beneficial effect on mental activity. Vitamins A and E are truly feminine, as they are responsible for the beauty and youth of our skin, preventing its wilting. B vitamins normalize digestion, thereby helping in the fight against obesity.

Morning diet

It's no secret that the British prefer oatmeal for breakfast. And their choice is clear. According to research, England is famous for the lowest level of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. So why don't we take an example from them? We will replace only porridge with a product more suitable for breakfast in our country - печенье. Due to lack of time and constant rush in the morning, we limit ourselves to a cup of tea with something sweet, preferably cooked without flour. It should be noted that the oatmeal is sufficiently calories, since they contain complex carbohydrates. But do not be afraid to gain extra pounds, because for this you need to eat oatmeal dishes in very large quantities with the addition of meat, butter or, for example, jam.

For cooking you need to take flakes from whole grains, this is a very important condition! In the fast-cooking flakes there is no upper shell of the grain, it is removed to achieve fast cooking of the product. At the same time, the product loses the most useful dietary fibers mentioned above. Together with the shell, some of the vitamins and microelements are lost, and complex carbohydrates are converted into starch during steaming. And this, as a result, extra centimeters on the waist, hips and other parts of the body.

In reasonable quantities and according to our dietary recipe, this product will help you in the fight against obesity. Such cookies can be quickly and easily prepared at home. It is prepared with minimal financial costs.

To prepare dietary oatmeal homemade cookies, we need:


Oat flakes 2 glasses
Eggs 2 pieces
Sweetener 2 tablets
Raisins or dried berries a handful (in this case, sunflower seeds will be cleaned).
Vanillin a third teaspoon
Cinnamon to taste

cookie ingredients


Method of preparation, according to the recipe without flour:

1. Preheat the oven to 180-200 degrees Celsius.

2. The first step will be beating eggs with vanilla, before purchasing a mixture of white tint (you can add a small amount of butter to get a more delicate cookie).

beaten eggs with vanilla

3.Separately, you need to mix the remaining ingredients: flakes, sweetener (pre-crushed), raisins, a pinch of cinnamon. Pour the dry part into the egg mixture, thoroughly knead until a homogeneous mass.

raisin flakes

4. From the resulting dough form cookies. To do this, you can use special forms or spread directly on a baking tray with a tablespoon. We try to make cookies the same in thickness.

cookies on foil

5. Put cookies on a baking sheet, pre-covered with baking paper (you can also use foil or baking mat). Between cookies leave a distance in 2-3 cm, if possible, then more.

cookies on paper

6. Bake for 20 minutes. In the process of baking we follow the dessert so that it does not burn. If the cookie does not acquire the characteristic brown color, you can rearrange it on the top shelf of the oven. Put the finished cookies on a plate after it cools. You can enjoy unsurpassed taste and aroma! If desired, you can serve dessert with honey or jam.

Video recipe

If you follow the diet, you can safely include cookies according to the above recipe in the diet. By consuming it in reasonable quantities, you do not harm your figure. Enjoy your meal!

Updated: 27.11.2018

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