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It is known that Russian people from time immemorial drank their traditional drinks, not familiar to other nations. These drinks include fruit drinks, kvass, water, whey with raisins, shot, and also jelly. Today we will talk about such a Russian drink as jelly.

History of jelly

It is known that the word "Kissel" has common Slavic roots. It originates from the common Slavic term "kissel", which means "sour, fermented." There is evidence that this drink is an ancient Russian dish (it’s about 1000 years old). These drinks were used not only in ordinary life, but also in various rituals, such as funeral. In the 18 century, a special profession appeared in Russia - kisseliki or kiselytsiki. These people sold the drink on the streets and bazaars. Representatives of the profession usually lived in one area. This explains the origin of such names as Kiselnaya Settlement or Kiselny Lane.

As mentioned above, jelly is an ancient drink, beloved by the Russian people. It is therefore not surprising that he is mentioned in the works of Russian oral folklore, as well as in historical documents. The story is known when this drink played an important role in saving the city (it reached us thanks to the mention of it in the Tale of Bygone Years). This event belongs to the X century. According to the chronicles, once the Pechenegs besieged one of the Russian cities. After a certain number of days, the townspeople were left without food. Probably, people would have to put enemies on the territory of the city if one old man had not proposed to combine water with the remnants of grain, thus making the basis for jelly. This was the first recipe for making oatmeal jelly. The mass resulting from the combination of these ingredients was consumed with honey. She was given to try the enemy. Having tasted the drink, the Pechenegs realized that even nature was on the side of their rivals, so the enemies quickly left the fortress, left with nothing.

Russian fairy tales also mention oatmeal kissel. The hero, getting into the afterlife, into the "other world", saw there milk and honey near dairy rivers. As you know, people spoke in the works of oral folk art about what was around them. That is why the mention of oatmeal jelly is not accidental. The recipes for oatmeal kissel (originally Russian drink) can be found in Domostroi. In addition, the mention of it was found in the recipes found in the monasteries: in them about the jelly referred to as an indispensable dish during fasting.

Foreign guests thought that oatmeal kissel was “Russian balsam” because it was popular in every family, its recipe was passed on from the older generation to the younger one and used in many life situations.

Often, oatmeal jelly, which was filled with sour cream or low-fat butter, was served as a main course, consuming it with bread. On holidays, a variety of berries and honey could be added to the recipe of the drink and served as a sweet. An interesting fact is that in the north the drink had the popular name “expelled”, because it was served at the end of the feast and testified to the end of the feast.

In the XIX century, with the advent of inexpensive starch from potatoes, the method and method of preparation, as well as the recipe for jelly, changed significantly. The appearance of starch was made possible thanks to the work of an agronomist, one of the leaders and representatives of the Free Economic Society of A. T. Bolotov. The method that was used previously was time consuming and inconvenient; it required disproportionate financial costs. That is why the development of Bolotov was very important. He came up with a simple and inexpensive way to get starch from potato tubers.

As you know, there are not only oat jelly, which will be discussed later. You can also cook milk, barley and pea jelly.

The benefits of jelly

It has long been known that oatmeal pudding is a valuable food product. It is rich in minerals such as magnesium, potassium, calcium, fluorine, iron. These chemicals are essential for the body and its normal existence. They support salt balance. Oatmeal kissel is a biological stimulant created from natural ingredients. It slows down the processes of destruction and aging of the body. Kissel helps to improve the performance of the body, and is also the key to longevity. After using it, a person can feel a surge of vitality.

Its use is important for diseases of the pancreas, gallbladder, as well as the kidneys and liver. The correct recipe for oatmeal kissel prevents diseases of the digestive tract and respiratory system. Especially this type of jelly is useful in winter, because at this time the risk of colds and related diseases increases many times. It is also impossible not to mention that oatmeal jelly can improve metabolism, strengthen the immune system and increase efficiency. In order to cook live oatmeal kissel according to the recipe, we need:


Oat flakes 500 gr
Sour milk / kefir 100 ml
Water 2 liters (for the basics)
Oat optional
Honey, dried fruits optional

ingredients for jelly


Preparation for cooking oatmeal:

1. We buy in the store oat flakes (best of all, take small flakes).

2. Fall asleep 500 grams of flakes in a three-liter jar. They should take approximately 1 / 3 of the total. If desired, add oats (source of nutrients), pre-milled in a coffee grinder.

3. Add to the jar 100 ml of kefir or sour milk.

4. Fill the resulting mixture 2 with liters of water at room temperature (very important). It is not necessary to fill up completely, since during the fermentation processes the lid may be torn off.

ingredients for jelly in a jar

5. Stir the mass with a spoon and tightly bury the lid. We put the jar with the received mass on a warm place (it is possible near the battery) and a place closed from the penetration of light. You can cover the jar with a cloth, towel or dark package.

6. Fermentation will occur within 2 day. It is impossible to keep longer (according to other recipes it is possible, but not desirable).

7. After 2 days we reach the bank. Through a sieve or 2-3 layer of gauze filter the resulting mass. The result is 2 liters of oatmeal and flattened oatmeal (flakes). The filtered liquid should settle for 12-15 hours.

filtering the jelly through a sieve

8. After that, the liquid is divided into 2 layers: oat kvass (top, yellowish-transparent, it is necessary to collect it with a tube purchased at a pharmacy, or scoop) and a base for oatmeal kissel (the bottom one is white).

9. The basis for oatmeal kissel is set aside separately in a glass jar. It turns out about 500 ml basis for oatmeal (serum). Serum should be stored in the refrigerator for no more than 3's weeks. After that, it will become unusable.

serum and jelly base

Cooking oatmeal according to the recipe:

1. Take 3-4 tablespoons of the base for the future drink. The 500 ml that were received will last for about 7-8 days (when used every day). In the second bank is oat kvass - also very useful, but specific drink.

oat kvass

2. Fill the base of the 1 with a glass of water. Cook the resulting mass in about 5 minutes, not forgetting to stir it, bring to a boil.

raisins and water

3. After 5 minutes, the pudding will start to freeze. Waiting for the density we need, remove from heat.

4. Honey or dried fruits can be added to the cooled kissel to improve the taste of the drink.

Video recipe

The result is a delicious and hearty breakfast, which will allow you not to think about food for at least 3-4 hours. Oatmeal kissel according to the old recipe is ready!

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Updated: 31.10.2018

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