How to cook oatmeal pudding from rolled oats

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Oatmeal, prepared according to the technology of Dr. Izotov, is not only healthy, nutritious, but also very tasty. It can be eaten by absolutely everyone: adults and small children. This jelly is a source of vitamins and minerals that can instantly saturate the human body. In addition, it has an incredibly beneficial effect on the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract and the strengthening of the immune system.

There are many recipes for cooking jelly from rolled oats, but not all of them are correct. If you wish to use oatmeal kissel for weight loss or stomach treatment, then you must use a strictly original recipe according to Dr. Izotov, without any additions and transformations. Given that the product is dietary and healing, as well as approved by nutritionists, the oatmeal kissel for weight loss, made from rolled oats, is very effective. Kissel of their flakes oat-flakes is a unique drink that has a beneficial effect on the work of the stomach and intestines, helps to get rid of gastritis and ulcers.

However, it should be remembered that oatmeal pudding for weight loss or the prevention of diseases of the stomach, has not only useful properties, but also certain contraindications. That is why the recipe of the drink is not suitable for everyone. If you monitor your health, want to improve the functioning of the intestines and stomach, as well as lose extra pounds and how to clean your own body, then you will need Izotov recipe. Remember, there are a lot of recipes for jelly from Hercules, then you need an original way and without changes. To prepare a healing recipe using Hercules, take the following ingredients:


Kefir one hundred milliliters
Oatmeal Hercules four hundred grams
Boiled water two and a half liters
Rye bread fifty grams


To prepare the beverage, you must perform the following activities:

1) Prepare all specified products. Take a three-liter glass jar. Mix all ingredients. Keep in mind that kefir and water should be at room temperature. The bank must be tightly closed, for this, take the lid. Put in a warm place for a day, so that the contents of the jar start to ferment. According to the recommendations in the recipe, it is best to put it in a dark and secluded place, and you can also wrap it up with a warm towel / blanket.

kefir and rolled oats with water

2) If it seems to you that this recipe preparation process is rather troublesome and takes time, then you can be sure that you will be of great benefit and joy to the stomach and the whole body. So, after twenty-four hours, you will be able to observe the peculiar bubbles that will appear on the surface. The mixture inside the jar is divided into two layers.

ingredients after a day

3) If you cook jelly for the treatment of the stomach and the prevention of other diseases in the summer, then fermentation is enough for twenty-four hours. However, if cooking is done in the fall or winter, it may take up to forty-eight hours, but not more! Fermentation is over, you can start filtering. You will need a large tank and a colander.

colander filtration

4) Given that the flakes will clog the colander, stock up with water for washing. You will need at least six or seven liters.

last filtering

5) Then you need to drain the filtered water in jars, leave them for twenty hours. After a specified amount of time, a specific precipitate should form at the bottom.

sediment cans

6) The following steps should be clear and accurate. You must drain all liquid, but do not stir. If you want, you can use a straw. As a result, you should get kvass oat and concentrate, designed for cooking kissel. You can store them for about three weeks in the fridge.

kvass oat and concentrate

7) Next, you need to start preparing it. You need to mix two tablespoons of the concentrate with a glass of the resulting liquid. If you use ordinary water, then take more concentrate at least twice. Put the saucepan on the stove, make the minimum heat and stir constantly to not burn. Keep cooking until boiling! If kissel is liquid, then it is necessary to cook until it thickens.

cooking jelly

8) Ready Isotov's kissel recipe is ready to eat. Pour cups and delight your loved ones with a useful drink that will help strengthen your immune system and save you from many nasty diseases.

Video recipe

The benefits of jelly

It should also be noted that this drink is healing and has useful properties, namely:

  • cleanses the body and intestines;
  • promotes weight loss;
  • improves the digestive system;
  • rich in vitamins: B, E, A;
  • contains minerals: potassium, magnesium, fluorine, and also irreplaceable iron;
  • helps to cure such diseases: gastritis, ulcers, erosion and acid reflux;

Prepare a similar drink, try it and you will fall in love with it from the very first sip. Cereal kissel is not only healthy, but also very tasty.

Updated: 04.03.2019

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