How to make oatmeal cookies without flour

ready oatmeal cookies

In modern stores and pastry shops there is a huge assortment of sweets: sweets, cakes, cakes, cookies, buns and various pastries. However, such products in rare cases contain nutrients or vitamins. If you want not only a delicious, delicate and aromatic dessert, but also useful, you can make amazing cookies from ordinary oatmeal. The cookie recipe is very simple and straightforward, contains a minimum of ingredients that can be found in the refrigerator. According to the recipe, you can make oatmeal cookies without flour.

Oatmeal cookies without flour will become a favorite treat in your family. Before you begin the cooking process, you need to note the obvious advantages of the recipe:

  • simplicity;
  • perfect taste;
  • benefit.

Be prepared for the fact that the process of making such a cookie can take up to two hours. However amazing and amazing taste homemade oatmeal cookies deserves every second spent.

For the preparation of dessert, take the following ingredients:


Oatmeal flakes 450 grams
Vegetable oil or olive 90 ml
Hot water 100 ml
Ripe pear 1 piece.
Prunes and dried apricots one glass
Soda ½ tsp
Vinegar 1 tablespoon

Phased preparation of useful and interesting cookies for a reliable recipe:


1) Prepare the specified products. When choosing oatmeal, give preference to high-quality clean products. For the proposed recipe, take half a kilo of quality flakes. Pour into a deep bowl. In a large bowl, mix the vegetable oil and boiling hot water, and then pour it into flakes. Cover with a lid or plate, let it brew for thirty minutes.

cereal with boiling water in a bowl

2) Then get dried fruits, namely dried apricots and prunes. Cut them into cubes or small cubes.

slicing dried fruits

3) According to the recipe, a very sweet, juicy and ripe pear should be present in the cookie. It is important that it be very sweet, as sugar is not used in the recipe. Cut it into cubes, and then chop.

diced melon cubes

4) After you deal with pears and dried fruits, you can check the flakes. If they are soft, then send the chopped ingredients to a bowl. Stir and add soda, previously slaked with vinegar.

fruit with cereal

5) Next, you need to take a large frying pan or baking sheet, cover with parchment paper. With the help of a spoon you can form circles and spread on paper. Make sure that there is a sufficient distance between the cookies.

cookie molding

6) Baking tray must be sent to the oven, which was preheated to two hundred degrees. The baking time is about twenty minutes. In the process of roasting, you can look into the oven and make sure that nothing burns.

ready-made cookies

7) Cookies with oatmeal without the addition of flour is ready, you can safely serve and surprise your family with a wonderful dessert. Cookies will be an excellent addition to a glass of milk, juice, a cup of hot fresh coffee or tea. Prepare it and your household will be delighted.

Video recipe

Surprise your loved ones with crispy, appetizing and fantastically delicious. cookiesThey have an attractive golden color and smell of fresh cinnamon. Believe me, using this recipe, you will be able to cheer up not only yourself, but also those around you.

Cooking recommendations and useful subtleties

Want to make healthy pastries? Then you need to use some of the secrets of successful cooking:

  • pear and dried fruits can be replaced with ordinary seeds, nuts or dried berries;
  • To avoid the consistency of the dough, which spreads and does not form, use high-quality butter when preparing cookies;
  • To give a pleasant touch and piquancy to the dessert, you can add a little vanilla, orange or lemon zest;
  • If parchment paper is used for baking, it should be oiled.

It should also be noted that cookies made from dried fruit and oatmeal, is very useful, but also has some contraindications.

Useful Properties

As you can see, homemade cereal cakes have not only a divine taste and aroma, but also some useful properties that you need to know:

  • high fiber content, which is beneficial for the human body. It is responsible for proper digestion and metabolism, helps to digest foods and vitamins, is responsible for motility, motility and intestinal microflora;
  • There are special fibers in the flakes that ensure the fight against cholesterol, and are also responsible for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases;
  • contains many vitamins, minerals and amino acids. The product contains folic acid (very important in the process of planning a pregnancy and childbearing), as well as vitamins K, A.

Harmful properties

This dessert is high in calories (460 kilocalories). This must be considered when introducing it into the diet.

Cook cookies with pleasure, and your whole family will be delighted with the resulting dessert!

Updated: 04.12.2018

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