How to cook semolina pie

cooked semolina pie

Semolina is versatile. On its basis it is possible to cook tasty and healthy porridge, pudding, pie, desserts. Mannik is a special cake made from the proposed cereals. As you know, many children and adults do not like porridge, so you can make tea cake, which will appeal to many. Mannik is a dessert that has many advantages: quick and not troublesome cooking, simple recipe, divine aroma and refined taste.



Chicken eggs 4 piece.
Butter 140 grams
Natural yoghurt without dyes 500 milliliters
Manka 480 grams
Salt a little pinch
Sugar 1 glass
Baking powder 1,5 teaspoons

for syrup

Orange 2 piece.
Lemon 1 piece.
Coconut shavings 3 Art. spoons
Natural honey 3-4 Art. spoons


1. Take a deep bowl, break eggs into it, lightly beat. Then pour the required amount of sugar, mix thoroughly.

eggs whipped with sugar

2. Melt the butter to a smooth consistency, pour in fresh, natural yogurt. Then mix gently. After that, you can add semolina. It is not necessary to pre-soak it, as is done in the classic recipe.

yogurt butter and semolina in a bowl

3. Stir thoroughly, let the semoling go a little. Add baking powder, salt.

carefully mixed ingredients

4. Heat the oven to 180 degrees. Take a rectangular baking sheet, cover the bottom and sides with parchment, baking paper. Pour the prepared mass, bake for thirty minutes at a temperature of 180 degrees.

ready weight on baking sheet

5. Five minutes before the cake is fully prepared, you need to prepare a syrup. He has to be hot. To do this, you need a pan in which honey is put. With lemon, oranges, peel is removed, the maximum amount of juice is pressed. The syrup heats up until the honey dissolves. Do not boil the mass in any way so that the honey does not produce harmful substances!

cake slings

6. Remove the manna from the oven; it should be nicely browned. Do not reach the form yet. It is necessary to fill the cake with syrup, sprinkle with coconut chips. Leave in the mold for twenty minutes so that the cake is soaked. Then you can get it, cool it.

syrup filled cake

7. Mannik according to the original recipe is ready. Cut it into portions, lay it on a beautiful dish. Serve with hot tea, coffee, cocoa, decorated with orange slices.

Video recipe

Features of the dish

Semolina is prepared very simply. The recipe for making a pie can vary in the milk base:

  • kefir;
  • yogurt;
  • milk;
  • yogurt;
  • sour cream.

You can add additional ingredients, various spices to the original recipe. Classic mannica is considered, made from cereals and kefir. It is with the help of kefir porridge mannik turns out very lush and tender, high, porous and airy. The classic recipe is simple. With the help of experiments and the inclusion of ingredients of other products, you can get a more interesting and rich taste.

The main secret of a delicious, airy cake is that when cooking porridge technology is respected. Krupa is soaked in kefir or another dairy base for one hour. It should swell, soak in moisture. If you skip this step, the grains will turn out crispy, which will negatively affect the taste of the cake. Next, you need to add the remaining products, stir and bake in the oven at a certain temperature for 30-40 minutes.

Pie of semolina is prepared very simply. You will help a detailed recipe, equipped with photographs of the culinary process.

Using the proposed idea of ​​porridge pie, you can add an amazing dessert to your cookbook. Your relatives, children and friends will be delighted with the finished dessert.

Updated: 01.05.2018

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