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Slices of semolina like not only kids, but also adults. Best of all, they are suitable for a healthy, satisfying and balanced breakfast. The chops resemble cheesecakes to taste, but they have a special advantage - the original and unique taste. Cooking them is very simple, and most importantly, you will need a minimum of ingredients and time. As a result, you get tasty, incredibly tasty, soft, juicy and airy bits. The main nuance of successful cooking - you need to cook the semolina correctly. Its texture should be thick, so that you can make balls, then the dessert will turn out fabulous!


You will need the following ingredients for cooking:

fresh Milk 100 milliliters
Semolina 50 grams
Water 50 ml
Sugar 2 tsp
Egg 1 piece.
Breadcrumbs or flour 0,5 glasses
Salt a little pinch
Butter and vegetable oil for frying

The proportions indicated in the recipe are calculated on twelve medium chops. If you are going to prepare a dessert while fasting, the milk is replaced by water, and the egg is excluded from the recipe.


1. First you need to start cooking viscous and thick semolina. Pour the milk into the pot, boil. Enter a thin stream of grits, do not forget that you need to constantly stir. At the end of cooking, add butter, salt and sugar. Then you can turn off the heat, close the pan with a lid and leave the dish for ten minutes.

thick semolina

2. Beat the chicken egg with sugar, add a little vanilla. In the cooled semolina gently enter the egg mass, stir. The result is a kind of dough.

egg mass with sugar

3. Next, you need to create bits. To prevent dough from sticking to hands, make bits with wet hands. So you will be able to form the correct rounded shape. Bitters should be small in size, then they should be generously rolled in breadcrumbs or plain flour.

shaping a chopstick in breading

4. Place the pan on the stove, add the oil and heat it. Fry each bit of semolina from both sides to make a beautiful and attractive golden crust.

fried bits in a pan

5. While the remaining bits are being fried, you can make a sweet jelly or sauce. It will be the perfect complement to the dish. Initially, you can cook compote from a mixture of berries with added sugar. At the end of cooking, boiling liquid must be injected with starch, previously diluted in cold water. Stir all lumps thoroughly, pour into a boiling compote in a thin stream. To get a not too thick sauce, you need 1 a liter of compote, 2 tablespoons of starch and 100 milliliters of water. For a thicker consistency, increase the amount of starch.

sweet jelly

6. Put ready-made meatballs from semolina on a paper napkin to get rid of excess oil. Serve portions to the table, watering with berry sauce. The finished dessert goes well with sour cream, condensed milk and regular jam. A cup of hot tea, milk or coffee will be an excellent addition to the dish.

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Features of the dish

Semolina bits is a unique, original and easy way for family breakfast. It is very important to choose the right recipe and quality ingredients. Manny bits can be attributed to European cuisine. To cook them properly, you need cook thick semolinausing a traditional recipe. In this dish the semolina will reveal itself from a new unknown side, will appear before you in a new role.

According to the recipe, semolina bits are desirable to fry in a hot frying pan in breadcrumbs. Inside, they will be juicy, soft and sweet, and the top will be covered with a golden and slightly crisp crust. To facilitate the cooking process, you can use a detailed step-by-step recipe, which is equipped with photographs. In this case, there should be no problems and unnecessary questions regarding the culinary process and recipes.

Semolina contains vitamins, minerals and proteins, as well as carbohydrates. Thanks to these components, it has a positive effect on the body. It is recommended to introduce gruel into the diet of children. If the child refuses to use porridge, you can replace it with chops on the basis of semolina. Manka is very easily absorbed in the body. According to the recipe, semolina bits have a spicy and rich taste. An excellent addition to the dessert will be a special viscous sauce or jelly.

The sauce can be prepared on the basis of milk, fruits, berries, depending on your preferences. Your family will be able to appreciate such culinary delights, and chops from semolina will become a favorite breakfast in your family!

Take advantage of the proposed idea for a family breakfast, treat yourself and your household with a delicious delicacy.

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