How to cook semolina casserole

prepared semolina casserole

Mannik or semolina casserole - this is the type of dessert that can be prepared quickly enough, without any special culinary skills and talents. Some housewives in the process of cooking add various ingredients, for example, lemon zest, kefir, cottage cheese, dried fruits and much more. If you like lemon and its characteristic sourness, you can safely add lemon juice, so you will get an incredibly tasty mannica.

Cottage cheese-semolina casserole is a special recipe, which differs from the standard and familiar manna, as the cottage cheese prevails in it. This recipe is more like a curd casserole, which is added semolina to increase the volume and make the dessert more tender. This casserole It is prepared not only in the oven, but also in such kitchen assistants as the slow cooker and microwave. So, to make a standard and fantastically tasty semolina casserole, you need to take the following ingredients:


Fresh kefir three hundred fifty milliliters
Semolina two hundred fifty milliliters
Sugar one glass
Chicken eggs two pieces
Butter one hundred and ten grams
Wheat flour two tablespoons
Raisins (optional) fifty grams
Salt at the tip of the knife
Soda one teaspoon
Lemon Citrus to taste
Breadcrumbs for powder form


Cooking amazing dessert:

1) Take all the right ingredients listed in the recipe. Pour the semolina into a deep bowl, pour the kefir at room temperature. Set aside for sixty minutes, so that the croup swelled, increased in size.

semolina with kefir

2) Meanwhile, you can do the butter. Put it in a saucepan or saucepan and put on a slow fire so that it melts.

cooking oil in a pan

3) In another bowl, beat the chicken eggs with sugar into a sumptuous foam.

eggs with sugar

4) After sixty minutes, add the egg mass to the swollen semolina. Mix thoroughly and pour in the melted butter. Mix flour, soda and salt, add to bowl and stir. Grate the lemon zest.

all ingredients in a bowl

5) Put the raisins, pre-washed and soaked in warm water, into the dough and mix so that there are no lumps.

raisins with dough

6) Next, you need to take a baking dish, grease with oil, generously sprinkle with breadcrumbs. Preheat oven to two hundred degrees.

baking dish

7) Pour the ready-made dough into a mold and place in a preheated oven. Bake until golden brown. The approximate time in the oven is thirty minutes. Serve in portions, pre-decorated with fruit and mint.

Video recipe

There are many recipes and methods of cooking this dessert. By making some changes to the recipe, you can cook:

  • cottage cheese casserole;
  • manna with citrus fruits;
  • semolina casserole on kefir.

Delicious semolina casserole with the addition of kefir is ready! Before serving, you can pour it with jam, melted chocolate, condensed milk, sprinkle with coconut chips or nuts. It should be noted that the dessert is very delicate, aromatic, light and dietary.

Updated: 15.07.2018

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