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ready-made tortillas

Have you ever cooked amazing Mexican dishes? If not, you can try to make delicious and crispy cakes, which can be served with the main dishes or used to prepare various snacks. There are many recipes for such a unique dish, but they are all similar. You can also buy them in a large supermarket, but such a product does not guarantee high quality and freshness. That is why you can cook cakes yourself in your own kitchen.

Corn tortillas can be prepared in several ways that you need to know before you start purchasing the necessary products. Corn tortillas cooking recipe, which has a long history, are in demand and popularity among the modern population.

You should also know that you can make bread made from corn grits and bread made from corn flour. It should be noted that there is not much difference in the finished dish, so you can cook from what you have at home. However, it is best if you make cornmeal tortillas, as they are easier and more airy.


So, to cook Mexican corn tortillas, you will need a list of such products:

header cover three hundred twenty grams
Salt one teaspoon without a hill
Purified water three hundred milliliters
Filling if you use as a snack

Corn tortillas are cooked for about thirty minutes. The complexity of the preparation of the proposed recipe is minimal.


Step-by-step preparation of such a dish as corn tortillas:

1) So, starting cooking, take a deep bowl in which you need to pour two cups of flour, and also add a spoonful of fine salt. Stir thoroughly, pour in water. The dough is kneaded using a wooden spatula. Knead until all unnecessary lumps disappear. As a result of kneading, you get a thick mass, which is necessary to make the shape of a ball. If you feel that the dough is too dry, you can pour in some water.

dough in a bowl

2) Next you need special parchment paper, from which you need to cut two circles, similar to the bottom of a bowl or plate. Using a plate, you will make corn tortillas. The ideal size of one circle is the diameter of fifteen centimeters.

dough balls on a board

3) The next stage of cooking is the formation of the dough. From the main piece of dough you need to pinch off a small lump. Roll it into a ball. Take a board and lay one sheet of parchment on it. From above it is necessary to put a piece of dough, cover with a second leaf. Using the bottom of the plate - press down.

dough formation

4) So, after such actions you get a sheet of dough. Its diameter should be about ten centimeters. Carefully and carefully - peel off the paper, make sure that it does not break.

finished sheet of dough

5) Next, proceed to roasting. You will need a dry and clean griddle, which must be sent to the stove in order to heat up at maximum heat. Then you can put the prepared cake in the pan. Hold it, on the one hand, for at least a minute for blisters to appear, and on the other hand, about thirty seconds.

pancake in the pan

6) Finished cakes can be folded on a paper towel.

ready tortillas

7) Flapjacks are ready! You can serve them without the filling, or prepare any filling that is most suitable. For example, you can fry vegetables with meat and wrap them. Believe me - the taste will be insane and fantastic!

The recipe of cooking is very simple, not requiring a lot of free time.

Video recipe

Helpful hints and tips

If you want the dish to be perfect, you can use some recommendations:

  • If you have prepared a lot of dough, then you should not throw it away. Send it to the freezer for storage;
  • if the dough is not removed from the paper, then do not be nervous. Put in the pan and remove after twenty seconds;
  • You can use a great idea, suitable for a delicious, hearty breakfast, namely - dip the cake in an omelette;
  • To warm up a cold dish, you can use a microwave, oven or stove.

Take advantage of the excellent recipe and prepare a snack of Mexican cuisine.

Updated: 17.09.2018

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  1. Marie

    It did not work out the dough. There is no oil or eggs to make it sticky. As a result, or it crumbles, if made thin, or simply not baked, because it is essentially pressed flour. Had to throw away

  2. Lera

    The recipe is strange. Indeed, everything falls apart and looks far from the image.

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