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Everyone knows that for lunch you definitely need to eat something liquid and hot. Most often, such dishes are borscht or soups. Recipes for their preparation set. As the ingredients acts rice, potatoes, barley and other products. You can also cook buckwheat soup. This dish is very simple to prepare. To the dish does not bother, you can cook it using different components. It may include mushrooms, chicken, meat, various vegetables, herbs, spices. Also, this dish is attractive because it has a low calorie content and can be used with various diets.

The benefits of buckwheat is beyond doubt. It contains few carbohydrates, but it contains protein, fiber and essential amino acids in abundance. In buckwheat a lot of iron. You can combine it with a variety of products - it's just an amazing dish! As an experiment, you can use milk, offal, fish and even fruit when cooking buckwheat.


The recipe for cooking buckwheat soup. In order to cook buckwheat soup with meat for this recipe, we need:

Any meat 300 gr
Water 1,5-2 l
Bulb 1 piece.
Carrots 1 piece.
Potatoes 3 piece.
Buckwheat 100 gr
Salt, pepper, greens to taste

soup ingredients


Step-by-step recipe for cooking buckwheat soup:

1. Prepare the meat (I used the bone from the soup set, you can take any meat that you see fit), pour water on it, put it on the stove. After boiling, leave the broth to boil for 30-40 minutes;

bone set

2. While the meat is being cooked, you need to prepare the vegetables: clean the carrots, three on a coarse grater; clean the onion, finely chop; potato washed, cleaned, cut into cubes;

sliced ​​vegetables in plates

3. When the meat is ready, take it out, add some water to the broth, wait until it boils. As soon as you boil, put potatoes and carrots in it, they should cook for about 10 minutes;

broth with vegetables

4. After that add the chopped onion and leave to cook for another 10 minutes;

onion broth

5. Then put buckwheat and meatby cutting it into slices. Give the soup to cook for minutes 10-15. Add spices;

broth with buckwheat and meat

6. When the cooking process is over, turn off the heat, add fresh greens, mix the soup, let it stand for 15 minutes under the lid. Now you can serve! Fill the dish with croutons or crackers.

Video recipe

Buckwheat soup

Buckwheat soup is a great first course, it will be appreciated by your whole family. Cooking recipes buckwheat soup lots of. The basis for cooking can be both water and broth. The main ingredients of any buckwheat soup are: some potatoes, onions, carrots, and, of course, buckwheat itself. If you want to cook such a dish according to the classic recipe, then you will need meat broth.

If you are interested in buckwheat soup with a small number of calories, then the basis should be water. In addition, do not forget to add to it a variety of spices that can give a variety of flavors. For example, a little bay leaf or black pepper will add an additional flavor and a pleasant tart taste to the dish.

Variations of buckwheat soup

If we take as a basis the proposed recipe, then with some imagination and desire to experiment, you can get a lot of variations of the same dish. If you add mushrooms, you get a mushroom version of the soup. It should be noted that these ingredients are perfectly combined with each other. As meat, you can use beef, pork, chicken or smoked ribs.

Many modern housewives try to cook dishes in the slow cooker. Buckwheat soup is no exception. It can easily be cooked in a slow cooker, while saving time. The best mode when cooking buckwheat soup in a slow cooker will be "stewing".

Information note

When you cook this dish of buckwheat, it is worth remembering that buckwheat tends to boil over and increase in volume by more than 2 times. Therefore, always correctly follow the proportions so as not to end up with buckwheat porridge.

Calorie dishes will depend solely on the ingredients. Cooked in butter with the addition of salt buckwheat porridge will have about 150 kcal per 100 grams. But buckwheat soup on chicken meat with the addition of vegetables - 60 kcal per 100 grams. The first dishes - this is the basis of proper nutrition, so do not forget about them.

Buckwheat soup is fragrant and rich, and when served fresh and hot it will fill you with strength and energy. Use this cooking recipe and you will be pleasantly surprised!

Cooked barley with mushrooms in a slow cooker in our recipe will be no less tasty.

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