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ready buckwheat soup

Cook soup with buckwheat is quite simple. Besides the fact that it is very tasty and appetizing, this soup is incredibly useful for the health of the human body. There are many ways to make it. Among the ingredients may be different meats, stew, mushrooms and other components. Every housewife prepares the way she likes. Do you want to cook a delicious first course and please your household? Then you will need a unique recipe for a delicious broth soup. An excellent option is buckwheat chicken soup, which is prepared according to an easy recipe and is low in calories. The soup is very light, aromatic and healthy.

According to the recipe, you need the following ingredients for cooking:


Buckwheat grain one hundred gram
Carrots one joke
Onion two middle heads
Chicken Breast with Peel about five hundred grams
Potatoes four pieces
Bay leaf two pieces
Peppercorns five to seven pieces
Salt, black ground pepper to taste
Chopped greens for decoration
Olive or Sunflower Oil for frying vegetables

The caloric content of one hundred grams of the finished dish will be about twenty six kilocalories. Since this dish is dietary, it is often included in a healthy diet, medical, sports or children.

Cooking soup with buckwheat and chicken:


1) First you need to prepare all the ingredients. It is necessary to peel onions, carrots and potatoes, then rinse under running water. If you have a whole chicken, then separate the breast from it. Rinse and blot with a paper towel, smear with salt.

chicken breast

2) Put the pot on the stove, pour three liters of water and place the breast to boil the broth. Duration of cooking is about an hour. It should be nutritious and tasty. First bring to a boil, remove the froth, then reduce heat to a minimum, cover with a lid.

chicken bouillon

3) Next, you can proceed to the vegetables. Grate the carrots and chop the onion. Place the pan on the stove, pour in some oil and heat it.

onions and carrots on a plate

4) Send the prepared vegetables to the hot oil, fry over medium heat until golden brown. Make sure that the vegetables are not burnt. Stir constantly.

onions and carrots in a pan

5) Cut the potatoes into medium cubes and send them to the pan with the breast. Boil for ten minutes, then add the washed buckwheat. Continue cooking until tender. Make sure that the croup is not boiled soft.

broth and buckwheat

6) At the end of cooking, transfer the roasted vegetables to a saucepan with the soup and mix. Such a zazharka will give your soup a bright sunny shade and a pleasant aroma. Also at this time you can add a few leaves of bay leaf and pea black pepper. Before serving, pour the soup into portions of deep plates and sprinkle with chopped greens, it is best to take parsley or dill.

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Everyone knows that the soup, cooked in chicken broth, is a nutritious, healthy and very tasty dish. To cook buckwheat soup with chicken, you do not need to use a whole carcass, you can apply different parts of it: legs, wings, legs, back, and even giblets. However, if you want to keep the calorie content of the first course low, use the recipe where breast is supposed to be used, as it is considered dietary. You can also cook this dish without chicken, more here.

Besides being a soup with chicken and buckwheat incredibly tasty, it is also extremely useful. Everyone knows that buckwheat is the queen among all the other cereals, which is rich in minerals, vitamins and microelements. The buckwheat soup has several advantages:

  • simple and quick cooking process;
  • low calorie;
  • incredible aroma and taste;
  • quite easily and quickly absorbed.

This soup will disappear from the pan instantly, as it is eaten with great pleasure, both adults and small children.

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    Thank you for the good and delicious recipe!
    Chicken soup - even the sound is tasty and appetizing, but with homemade noodles or dumplings.

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