How to cook buckwheat pancakes

ready pancakes with butter

Baking pancakes is the correct and reasonable choice of flour. Most people are used to using wheat flour in all recipes, as it is considered the most common. For the sake of experiment, you can try buckwheat flour, thanks to which you get incredibly tasty and healthy pastries. It should be noted that buckwheat flour pancakes were extremely popular among their ancestors.


Tasty, fragrant and thin buckwheat pancakes, having a delicate taste and coffee tint, can be made on any given day. The recipe suggests the use of the following ingredients:

Buckwheat flour 130 grams
Wheat flour 130 grams
Milk 500 milliliters
Water 100 ml
Eggs 2 piece.
Sugar 30 grams
Salt ½ tsp
Butter 30 grams

Buckwheat pancakes are ideal for breakfast, as well as for the holiday table. The recipe can be used to cook a delicious and original snack with a filling: cheese, salted fish, eggs. They are darker than ordinary pancakes, but no less tasty and appetizing.


Phased cooking with detailed photos of the culinary process:

1. Mix 125 grams of buckwheat wheat flour in a large bowl, sifting. This manipulation will allow the flour to be filled with oxygen, resulting in airy, tender pancakes.

buckwheat and wheat flour

2. Pour in a thin stream of milk, stirring well. Avoid the formation of lumps, otherwise they will spoil the whole dish. In the case of their education, try to crush them.

buckwheat and wheat flour with milk

3. The next stage of preparation suggests adding one hundred milliliters of hot water. Then you need to mix well, beat the eggs, salt and put some sugar.

flour with water and eggs

4. Cut thirty grams of butter, melt them and pour into the resulting dough. You should have a liquid consistency that does not have lumps. Leave the finished dough for half an hour to rest.

dough and butter

5. Put the pan on the stove, lightly grease with butter and heat. Pour half a ladle on a hot frying pan. Tilt the pan to the sides to distribute the dough evenly over the entire surface.

pan dough

6. Pancakes need to be roasted on a large fire on both sides to get a rich, dark golden hue.

fried pancake on both sides

7. Buckwheat flour pancakes ready. Serve them to the table with jam, sour cream, honey, butter. A great addition will be a cup of fresh and hot tea, coffee.

Video recipe

The secret to making delicious pancakes

A good recipe is a rarity, as the Internet is teeming with numerous ways of cooking. Each recipe has some similarities and differences, but it is important to choose one that can reveal all the secrets of proper preparation.

Buckwheat pancakes are notable for their tempting aroma, delicate taste and original color. If you follow your own nutrition, health and body, then the recipe for such pancakes will be extremely useful for you. Flour contains a large amount of fiber, proteins, which have a great effect on the digestive process. Despite this, the recipe involves the addition of wheat flour to increase the stickiness of the dough, which is essential in the preparation of pancakes.

Cooking pancakes is easy if you have a good recipe on hand. Flour can be bought or made independently using a recipe. Try to cook buckwheat pancakes yourself, taking the proposed recipe with step by step photos. Buckwheat pancakes will open up new and amazing horizons in cooking ordinary, everyday dishes. The recipe of cooking is simple, affordable and will not cause any complications.

Properties of buckwheat flour

This flour is made from buckwheat, which is recognized as an environmentally friendly plant. It is not whimsical to the varieties of soil, it alone can push out the weeds. Flour obtained by processing buckwheat has a number of useful and surprising properties. Therefore, it can help in losing weight, improving the whole body, combating various diseases.

Buckwheat flour has a huge list of useful and invaluable properties:

  • provides the human body with copper, and this element is particularly involved in the growth of cells, ensuring the stability of the functioning of the immune system;
  • There is vitamin B, which allows the nervous system and brain to work stably;
  • Vitamin PP helps to normalize cholesterol metabolism, improve blood circulation;
  • buckwheat is a storehouse of indispensable and important easily digestible acids, which actively supply cells with energy;
  • there is a sufficient amount of zinc, renewing skin cells, preventing the appearance of wrinkles;
  • It is worth noting the presence of an important mineral - manganese, which is responsible for the correct metabolism, healthy blood glucose levels, the absorption of vitamins and the functioning of the thyroid gland;
  • actively prevents the risk of developing diseases such as atherosclerosis, rheumatism and arthritis;
  • buckwheat flour contains a lot of food fibers that improve motility and peristalsis of the intestine, normalization is observed in the digestive process;
  • the body is saturated with folic acid, which is very useful for conception and during pregnancy;
  • in case of anemia, even in infants, will help increase hemoglobin in the blood.

As you can see, buckwheat flour is extremely useful, and the pancakes from it will be simply amazing. The only condition - do not abuse flour dishes, so as not to have problems relating to excess weight.

Updated: 13.11.2018

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