How to cook nutritious pea soup and soup set

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Classic pea soup is one of the most delicious and nutritious dishes on the note at the hostess. Its value consists not only of amazing taste, which resembles childhood so much, but also of the availability of all the ingredients used, as well as simplicity of preparation. A simpler option than the classic recipe is hard to find. Each of the ingredients can be bought at any time of the year and in any store, which especially increases the value of this dish. Thus, it is possible to include this recipe in the menu in the winter cold, replenishing the body with protein, which is contained in peas. Besides, pea soup recipe, which we will prepare, contains a low calorie (per 100 grams total 61 calories), which allows you to include it in the diet of those who follow themselves or follow a diet.


Split peas 250 gr
Turkey soup set 1 / 3 packaging
Onions 1 piece.
Carrots 1 piece.
Potatoes 4 piece.
Salt 1 pinch
Специи to taste


This recipe for pea soup is slightly different from the classic one - in it the ribs are replaced with a soup set. So cooking the soup is even easier and faster, the calorie content will be lower, and the taste will still be amazing. In order to cook a delicious pea soup, follow the recommendations.

1. Prepare all the necessary ingredients that are listed in the recipe.

soup ingredients

2. First of all, in a large saucepan, lay out the soup set (in this recipe, the turkey set is used), pour it with cold water and put it on a strong fire under the lid. As soon as the water begins to boil, we reduce the gas. Now we salt and surely remove all the gray-brown foam. Then leave the soup to simmer over low heat with the lid half-closed for an hour.

soup set in the pan

3. While the broth is being prepared, you need to prepare the vegetables: clean the onions and cut them, clean the carrots and cut them into strips (not finely), clean the potatoes and cut them into large cubes.

vegetables in plates

4. Be sure to prepare the peas before throwing in the soup. First you need to rinse it under cold water, then pour a little water on it and leave it on for 30 minutes.

measuring cup of peas

5. As soon as the broth is ready, you need to get the bones with meat and put on a plate. After that, pour peas, onions and carrots into a saucepan. Leave to boil for 20 minutes (do not bring peas to full readiness).

all the ingredients in the pan

6. Add potatoes and spices to the soup (in this recipe were used: a mixture of peppers, turmeric, a mixture of Provencal herbs and a spice for 7 dishes). Then we do not fully cover with a lid and leave to boil for 10 minutes.

cooked soup in pan

7. After this time, put the pieces of meat in the pan, cut off the bones of the soup set, wait until the soup boils again and turn off the fire, cover with the lid completely and leave on the stove for 15 minutes to infuse the dish. Served with fresh bread or freshly prepared croutons. Enjoy your meal!

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The story of

The history of the recipe originates in antiquity, since those times when it became known about this legume plant. Historians are still arguing over which country the primacy of the invention of the soup recipe belongs to. Each country has its own modification of the recipe, which reflects the mentality and national preferences.

Is it possible to pregnant

According to doctors, the use of peas has a positive effect on the development of the baby. For this reason, pregnant women should include pea soup in their diet.

Thanks to pea-based dishes, pregnant women can replenish the body's supply of nutrients, strengthen their health and their unborn child. However, for some pregnant women, pea dishes are contraindicated for various reasons. This may be individual intolerance, problems with the gastrointestinal tract and others.

During pregnancy during the use of any food should be careful and measure, attentive to the signals that gives you your body. Everyone knows that each woman is pregnant on an individual basis, so you should not make a decision whether to eat this or that product or not, starting from the stories of friends or neighbors. It is better to contact your gynecologist or nutritionist who can paint an approximate menu based on the clinical picture.


After giving birth, many doctors advise that peas be excluded from the list of permitted products for the period of breastfeeding. Peas contain a lot of amino acids from a number of essential (for example, lysine and cystine). From a biochemical point of view, these amino acids play a key role in the formation of hormones responsible for milk, and also have an antiviral effect on a woman's body weakened after pregnancy.

Like many other vegetables and fruits, peas do not pass into breast milk, but it should be borne in mind that newborns react differently to the same products. Many factors play a role: the quality of the product eaten by the nursing mother, the additional components of the dish, the degree of development of the enzyme system in the child.

When breastfeeding, begin to introduce new products slowly, carefully monitoring the condition of the child. In the absence of negative signs, you can safely include pea soup in your diet, it will help you improve your health after pregnancy, as well as enhance the protective functions of the body during breastfeeding.

Nursing mom can not only pea soup, but also a salad with the addition of peas, porridge and other dishes. You can also eat fresh or canned peas.

Can one year old kiddies

Important components of peas are vitamins, trace elements and, as already mentioned, protein. Starting to give pea soup as a complete dish is recommended for children not earlier than one year old. Sometimes a nursing mother can lure a younger child with a spoon. However, to give in a constant order, you need to start slowly and systematically - one or two spoons per meal, then follow the reactions of the child. By themselves, legumes are low in calories (100 grams - 61 calories) and are dietary foods with a lot of protein, but can cause excessive gas formation (breastfeeding mothers, do not forget that!).

After you make sure that the child tolerates the dish, it is necessary to follow all prescription instructions in order to cook correctly. Categorically it is impossible to give the child pea soup according to the classic recipe with smoked ribs. It is necessary to cook a portion of baby soup separately for the baby. And remember that you can not salt the children's soup!

For one-year-old children and older, it is preferable to eat not dry peas, but fresh from the garden or, in extreme cases, fresh frozen. This will add to the dish of lightness, usefulness and make it even less calorie. Properly cooked soup can begin to give to children, starting with 6 months.

Eat it on a diet

Pea soup, which has a low calorie content, contains a large amount of proteins in its composition, as well as fats and carbohydrates. Culinary sites today are full of different variants of pea soup recipes. If you prefer to lead a healthy lifestyle and monitor the calorie content of the dishes eaten, then cook the soup, best of all, without smoked meats. A person who is on a diet can simply diversify his menu and diet - there are a lot of recipes for cooking low-calorie pea soup.

Another important point that is often argued about is how much to cook pea soup? If you are using split peas, which were previously soaked in water, or crushed peas that do not need to be soaked, then it’s worth cooking for no more than half an hour. If you took whole peas, then it is necessary to boil it in broth for more than one hour. Always monitor the state of peas in the cooking process. So you can determine the most suitable degree of availability of ingredients.

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