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ready pea soup with chicken

Despite the huge variety of dishes among all the cuisines of the world, such a dish as pea soup is very well known and quite popular. There is no reliable data, where the first pea soup was first cooked. In fact, this plant culture can take root in various conditions, so it is difficult to guess where it was first grown and where the pea-based dish was coined. Interestingly, every kitchen in the world tries to bring something of its own in the recipe of this old dish, giving it new flavors and adding flavors. As a result, we have a rich variety of recipes for truly tasty soups based on lamb, pork ribs, smoked sausage and chicken.

In order to cook pea soup with chicken, as indicated in the recipe, we will need:


Peas (preferably split) 1 glass
Chicken (her any parts) 300 gr
Potatoes 2 piece.
Carrots 1 piece.
Bulb 1 piece.
Salt, pepper, seasonings to taste
Vegetable oil 2 century. l.

ingredients for chicken soup
Phased cooking tasty chicken soup with peas:


1. Pre my peas (more here), leave it briefly in water. During this time, prepare those parts of the chicken, from which we will prepare the broth (I used chicken drumsticks). Then put the pot of water on the fire, put the chicken and peas. As soon as the water boils, reduce the gas, remove the foam, leave to boil for 45 minutes.

peas in the pan

2. While the broth is boiling, it is necessary to prepare the vegetables: chop the onion finely, grate the carrots grated with large divisions, cut the potatoes into medium-sized cubes.

vegetables in bowls

3. Cooking roasting: fry the onions and carrots in a pan in an oil pan until a delicate golden tint is obtained.

onions and carrots in a pan

4. Once the broth is ready, you need to get the meat out of it and let it cool for a while. First add potatoes to the soup. Let boil for about 10 minutes.

potatoes and soup

5. Next add the ready roast. After 5 minutes, put the meat into the broth (pre-clean it from the skins and stones, cut into small pieces). At this stage of the recipe, you must add all the spices that you see fit to the dish was tasty and fragrant. Leave the soup to boil for 10-15 minutes. Then turn off the gas, cover with a lid: let 10 sweat for another minute.

soup roasting

6. Pea soup with chicken is ready! You can serve at the table.

Video recipe

Pea soup is a great dinner option that will help you to warm up in cold weather, gain strength after a hard day's work. It is also important that this soup will be able to deliver you a true delight in its rich taste at a family dinner. Distinctive features of this dish are high nutritional value and a special, characteristic only for him, amazing taste. The base of the soup can be any dry. peas, though solid, even crushed. It is worth considering a few important recommendations that will make the process of making a tasty soup easy and fast.

Cooking recommendations

Chicken meat is a dietary, it is recommended for use to children, the elderly and those who are trying to restore the body after illness. Especially it is shown to those who have a sick digestive system. Therefore, pea soup with chicken is characterized not only by its excellent taste, but also by its undoubted benefit.

We draw your attention to two important facts that will allow you to cook a truly tasty and rich soup according to any recipe that uses chicken. First and foremost, it’s best to use your home. chicken - then the broth will be even tastier and more fragrant. And second, if you use whole peas (more here), then be sure to soak it in water on the 5-8 hours so that it is well boiled soft during the cooking process. If you use split peas, then rinse it well enough and leave it in water for half an hour to speed up the cooking time.

Recipe variations

In the network today it is easy to find a recipe for any of the most pretentious tastes. The exception does not make and recipes for tasty pea soup with chicken. You can cook such a dish not only from Chickenbut from any meat. In addition, each housewife has her own “secret ingredient”, which gives her soup the unforgettable taste and aroma that her family loves. Our today's recipe for homemade soup is very simple, but the dish will turn out appetizing and nutritious - what you need for a family homemade dinner.

You can serve fresh bread or croutons with pea chicken soup. You can also supplement the meal with vegetables (fresh or pickled, depending on the season).

We also advise you to find out how to quickly cook peas, so he boiled soft.

Updated: 15.02.2019

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