The recipe for cooking pea soup with smoked meats

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Pea soup is a favorite kind of first course dish of many people. This dish is very nourishing, aromatic, tasty. Its relevance especially increases in the autumn-winter season. To prepare it, you do not need to make too much effort or spend a lot of time.

First of all, wash the peas. If you are going to cook the soup on the basis of whole peas, soak it in cold water for a few hours. Thus, you significantly reduce the time of cooking. When using split or crushed peas, it is enough to soak it for half an hour, or you can skip this procedure. Water from under the pea must be drained, it can not be used.

To prepare pea soup, no need to pre-cook the broth. To give the taste of saturation, you can use different smoked products: ribs (not only pork), knuckles (boiled or smoked), hunting sausages. You can cook without meat - you get a lean or vegetarian version, which is also very tasty.


Stages of cooking soup from peas. In order to cook a delicious pea soup with smoked ribs in the recipe below, we need:

Chopped peas 150 gr
Smoked ribs 200 gr
Potatoes 2 piece.
Carrots 1 piece.
Bow 1 piece.
Vegetable oil 2-3 UF.
Water 2 l
Salt, spices to taste

soup ingredients


Phased cooking pea soup with smoked meat according to the recipe:

1. On the fire in the pot put the water to boil. Cut the ribs into pieces, thoroughly wash the peas. As soon as the water starts to boil, we lay smoked ribs, add peas, leave to boil for 20-30 minutes;

pan with peas

2. Peel potatoes and onions, cut into cubes. We clean the carrots and rub them on a coarse grater. Put the pan on the fire, pour in vegetable oil. As soon as the oil warms up, pour onions and carrots into it, fry for about 7 minutes;

vegetables in a pan

3. When the ribs and peas are cooked, we lay out the potatoes for them and leave to cook. You can remove the ribs from the soup, set them aside for a while, and before serving, remove the meat from them and add it to the finished soup. However, I cut the ribs finely and left them to cook in the soup. So he can be more nourishing and fragrant;

potatoes are thrown into the pot

4. As soon as the onions and carrots are fried, put them in the soup. We continue to cook for about ten minutes. Add salt and spices;

roasting in a pan

5. Serve pea soup with smoked meat immediately after cooking. You can add it with crackers and pickles.

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The benefits of peas

It is believed that tasty and healthy food - these are two different branches in cooking. In some ways, there is some truth in this statement: not everyone loves wholesome and healthy food. But a true chef can combine the benefits of taste in his dishes (considering calorie content). Pea soup is proof of that. This soup is considered to be very tasty, fragrant and rich. At the same time it is useful.

Began to use peas in ancient times. The difference of this legume culture is that it has excellent taste in combination with useful properties. The protein in its composition is no less than in beef, but the protein from peas is easier and faster to digest. Peas also contain useful amino acids (methionine, lysine, cystine, tryptophan). The composition of peas includes carbohydrates with trace elements - for example, potassium salts, iron, phosphorus and manganese.

We are accustomed to consider pea soup with smoked meats as usual for our daily diet. However, his story is very long and interesting. It all began in the II century BC. Ancient Greece was known for the love and reverence of this dish. This is easily and simply explained by the fact that the culture of peas germinates almost everywhere. Find a lot of recipes for cooking soup is very simple, but there is no reliable information about the cuisine of which people came up with the original version of the dish. For this reason, pea soup is known everywhere, each country considers its own recipe to be correct, trying to bring something of its own into it. Italians prefer wine and cheese as additives, Mongols prefer tomato juice, Ukrainians add garlic cloves and lard. But It is worth noting that all these additions are only a decoration or addition. There is a classic cooking option for such a famous dish.

The calorie content of this soup is low - only 168 kcal per serving. It can be used with a diet. The advantage of this dish is that with all its incredible taste and ease of preparation, it is not burdensome financially. This soup is prepared on the basis of ordinary everyday foods. You can also cook this dish in a slow cooker, more here.

If you decide to cook pea soup, you can change the classic recipe according to your taste preferences. As sausages can serve, as a hunting sausage, and pieces of sausage, pork brisket, bacon or even chicken wings. Different types of smoked products give a different flavor range. In the process of cooking it is worth remembering that the benefit of the soup is due to the use of peas. Therefore, it is recommended to reduce the number of smoked meat, not peas.

To make the dish more aromatic, you can add different herbs - dill, parsley, celery. If necessary, use marjoram, cumin, hop-suneli and other spices. In most recipes, it is recommended to decorate this dish with chopped green onions.

Updated: 26.01.2019

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