The recipe for pea soup with beef

ready-made soup on the table

Delicious, nourishing, nutritious and thick soup can come from peas and meatballs. Even the beginning hostess can cope with this culinary process. The cooking method is extremely simple. The result is a healthy, light and insanely fragrant soup. A unique combination of meatballs and peas is a good choice.

Stages of the culinary process

Step-by-step recipe of the soup will allow you to quickly prepare the dish. If you take minced beef as the basis for pea soup, the dish will be easy, dietary and incredibly tasty.


A recipe implies the use of the following product group:

Peas 1,5 glasses
Potatoes 4 piece.
Water 2,5 liters
Carrots 1 piece.
Onion 1 head
Salt, ground black pepper to taste
Ground beef 250-300 gram
Greens for decoration


The recipe for soup with minced meat is designed for eight servings. Phased cooking healthy soup:

1. First prepare all of the above products. Bring water to a boil, add salt. Mix half of finely chopped onion with minced meat, pepper and salt. Sort through the peas, soak in warm water for half an hour. If desired, you can soak the peas in advance on the 10-12 hours so that it boils down faster.

soaked peas in a bowl

2. Peas send in boiling water, cook until soft. The duration of cooking depends on the type of cereal, so it is necessary to periodically try it. As a rule, the cooking of peas takes 1,5 hours.

peas in boiling water

3. Vegetables need to be peeled. Finely chop the onion and grate the carrots.

grated carrots

4. Peel four medium potatoes, cut into cubes or cubes.

sliced ​​potatoes

5. Add potatoes, carrots and onions to the boiling soup. Cook for fifteen minutes.

potatoes, carrots and onions in a saucepan

6. Form meatballs from the resulting meatballs. As for their size, it should not be large so that they quickly boil.

meatballs on a plate

7. Then send them to the soup, cook for 10 minutes. Before removing the dish from the stove, do not forget to add chopped greens.

meatballs in soup

8. Delicious, hearty and nutritious soup with peas and meatballs ready. Serve in portions.

Video recipe

The benefits and harm of pea soup

The recipe for the first dish is unusually simple, which is the main advantage. It can be called a dietary dish, as it does not contain fat. Thanks to this soup, the person quickly says goodbye to stressful conditions, depressive mood and insomnia. This dish helps to improve metabolism, get rid of headaches, strengthen blood vessels.

Pea soup is useful for people who suffer from high blood pressure, coronary heart disease. The dish prevents severe brittle nails, hair loss and dryness. Regular consumption relieves spasms in the vessels, which contributes to better blood circulation. This dish is considered an excellent prevention for colds.

Do not forget that the use of this dish can cause discomfort in the intestine. This process is due to the content of certain enzymes in the croup, which are responsible for the full growth of seeds. They can not be destroyed even in boiling water, inhibit the breakdown of protein, which is of vegetable origin. As a result, after eating pea soup, a person has flatulence and a bloated belly feeling.

With extreme caution, it is worth eating for people who have a complex form of hemorrhoids and constipation. To avoid such sensations, the recipe suggests soaking the cereal in water overnight, then boil it thoroughly. Also, to avoid problems with the intestines, it is possible to limit the use of food in small portions. It is forbidden to eat a dish if a person has urolithiasis and gout.

Use the proposed recipe, please the household with a hot, fragrant and useful soup.

Updated: 09.08.2018

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