Recipe for pea soup with smoked meat in a slow cooker

cooking pea soup

Pea soup with the addition of various smoked meat, characterized by a unique taste and spicy aroma, is very popular. Given the modern technology, for its preparation, you can use an excellent kitchen assistant - a slow cooker, which will greatly facilitate the cooking process.

To cook pea soup with smoked meats in a slow cooker, absolutely any model will do, for example: Polaris, Philips, Redmond, Witek and others. Best of all, fill the soup with ribs and sausage, so you get a more intense flavor. In the above recipe, an aromatic soup is prepared on the basis of smoked ribs. Peas can fill with water and leave to soak overnight. Thus, you shorten the cooking time of this ingredient in the soup.

If you want to make an appetizing and tasty soup with ribs, then you need the following ingredients:


Peas three hundred and fifty grams
Bacon two hundred grams
Smoked ribs five hundred grams
Carrots one joke
Onion one head
Butter two tablespoons
Celery one scape
Salt pepper to taste
Greens for decoration

Phased preparation of soup with the provision of photos:


1) Prepare all the necessary products for the soup. Given the fact that peas (more here) you need to soak in cold water for at least eight to ten hours, do it the evening before. Thus, you can save enough time, and in the morning to start cooking. The peas are soaked in a deep bowl and left. When choosing such cereals, it is necessary to pay special attention to the nucleoli and their color.

peas in water

2) In the morning you can drain the water, drain the peas in a colander. Prepare a slow cooker, plug in and power on the rest of the ingredients. Take the bacon and cut it into cubes.

diced bacon

3) If you are going to cook soup with ribs, then buy the freshest and most beautiful. Make sure that they do not stick, as this indicates a poor quality meat product. Cut them into medium sized sticks.

ribs on the board

4) Peel the carrots. It is better to use sweet carrots, as the taste of the finished dish depends on it. Cut it into small or medium cubes.

diced carrots

5) Then you will need bulb onions. Finely chop it.

diced onion

6) Wash the celery stalk and cut it. It should be noted that this ingredient is very important in the cooking process, as it will add a savory touch to the finished soup.

chopped petiole

7) Click on the “Start” button on the multicooker, find the “Multi-cook” function and select the necessary temperature for cooking, namely one hundred and sixty degrees. Put a piece of butter, fry the sliced ​​bacon for at least five minutes. Add the prepared vegetables: carrots, onions and celery. Continue cooking for about seven minutes. Add a half liter of boiling water, bring to a boil, boil for about ten minutes.

ingredients in a slow cooker with water

8) The next step in making a delicious and satisfying soup is the addition of peas that have been pre-soaked. Bring to a boil and stir thoroughly. Set the temperature one hundred and twenty degrees, cook for thirty-five minutes with the lid closed.

peas in a water cooker

9) Add smoked ribs to the soup. Close the lid and continue cooking at the same temperature for twenty minutes.

all the ingredients in the slow cooker

10) Pea soup with a unique recipe with smoked ribs and bacon is ready. You can serve in a la carte plates, decorated with greens.

Video recipe

Use the proposed recipe, and your family will be delighted with the cooked dish. Such soup, which can be cooked in your favorite multicooker, will become a regular guest in your diet. Indulge your loved ones with a fragrant, nutritious and delicious soup. It is best to cook this dish in the cold season, especially when you need a balanced and hot meal.

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