How to cook American pumpkin pie

piece of finished pumpkin pie

A warming, fragrant, appetizing, divinely delicious pumpkin pie is a traditional American dish. The taste of the cake is so unique and unbelievable that you cannot feel the presence of a pumpkin in it. This dessert is a favorite and traditional in American families. It is prepared for major holidays, mainly those that follow after the harvest. There are many recipes for such a dessert. With the help of special spices and ingredients you will turn the pumpkin into an unrecognizable and ideal component of the dish.

To cook pumpkin dessert (more here) for an interesting and tasty recipe, take the following ingredients:


For the filling will require the following components:

Pumpkin five hundred grams
Chicken egg one joke
Yolk two pieces
Condensed milk three hundred and fifty grams
Cinnamon, salt, ground ginger and nutmeg on ½ tsp
Cream two hundred fifty milliliters

For the test you need the following products:

Wheat flour two hundred and ten grams
Butter one hundred fifty grams
Egg one joke
Salt one pinch
Water one tablespoon

The following products will be required for the top layer of dessert:

Brown sugar 3 tablespoons
Walnut fifty grams
Melted butter fifty milliliters


Phased cooking American traditional dessert (which is prepared for Halloween) according to a proven recipe:

1) Prepare all the necessary ingredients. Take a sweet and ripe pumpkin, it is desirable that it smelled like melon. Wash her.

pumpkin on the board

2) Cut it in half, peel it away to get rid of seeds and fibers. Rinse with running water and dry. Cut into medium or small cubes.

diced pumpkin

3) Next you need to send a pumpkin in a water bath. The cooking time is at least twenty-five minutes. Optionally, instead of a bath, you can send a pumpkin in the oven. Monitor the condition of the product so that it becomes soft, but not a slurry. Remove from heat and allow to cool.

pumpkin in the water in the pan

4) By this time you should prepare a special sand base for tarta. Take the flour of the highest grade, sift it and add salt, as well as butter, which was previously cut into small cubes. Stir and mix thoroughly, you can do it by hand or with a food processor. You should have an oily crumb. Then the yolk and ice water are added, quickly mixed. Collect the dough in one room, wrap in foil and hold in the refrigerator for an hour. Then take out the dough and roll it. Put in the form and make punctures with a fork. Send in the oven, heated to one hundred eighty degrees, literally ten minutes.

shortbread dough for pie

5) Now you need to do stuffing. According to the recipe, you need to beat the yolks and one egg in a lush foam. Then you need to pour condensed milk, put boiled pumpkin, pour cream and pour the necessary spices. After that, take a blender and whisk the mixture until smooth.

ingredients for the filling

6) Take the prepared base for the tart, pour the prepared stuffing into it, put in a preheated oven for about fifty minutes.

jellied filling in the form

7) During the baking process, the filling begins to swell. After baking, it will acquire the desired splendor. After fifty minutes, leave the cake on a wire rack and allow to cool for two hours.

ready-made cake

8) After two hours, you can make a delicious sugar crust. According to the proposed recipe, you must mix the butter, sugar and walnuts. Heat the oven to maximum temperature. Prepared mixture spread on the surface of pumpkin pie, then cover with foil and put in the oven for five minutes. After that, let it cool well.

pecan pie

9) American Pumpkin Pie Ready! You can make your family happy with an amazing and delicate delicacy. Cut it into pieces, serve it with hot coffee or tea. Enjoy a delicious and sweet dessert.

Video recipe

American Pumpkin Pie is bliss, pleasure and a lot of pleasure that are combined in one piece. Such a dessert is prepared for such holidays as Christmas, New Year, Thanksgiving and Halloween. Baking pumpkin pies is a special tradition that has been followed to date. In America, almost every other family bakes it for Thanksgiving and Halloween. Each family has its own recipe with various amendments and additions.

American Pumpkin Pie is a kind of symbol of Halloween, which fits perfectly into the holiday. If you want to cook it, you can use a reliable and the best recipe that will help make the dream a reality. Having mastered the technology of cooking pumpkin treats, according to a special method of cooking, you will be able to please your household not only on Halloween and Christmas, but also on any other day.

Cook with pleasure.

Updated: 06.02.2019

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