Recipe for buckwheat porridge in the microwave

ready buckwheat porridge with butter

Microwave - an indispensable thing in the economy. With its help, you can not only heat up food, but also cook various dishes. The modern generation manages to use it for cooking porridges, baking muffins, making souffles, and roasting meat.

The microwave oven is based on a simple principle - microwaves inside the apparatus affect the water that is contained in the heated or cooked product. Due to this effect, the molecules of water oscillate and, as a result, they warm up or prepare food. A special inner coating is a reflector of the waves, which allows them to move inside and actively influence the products. Waves do not affect us because of the special sealed body of the microwave and a special mesh on the door.

Recipes for cooking buckwheat porridge a great many. For example classic buckwheat on the water, with meat, with milk and so on. There is also a recipe for cooking buckwheat in the microwave. To add variety, you can supplement this recipe with various ingredients, such as meat, mushrooms, and vegetables. Now we will tell you how to cook buckwheat in the microwave.


Boiling water 2 glasses
Buckwheat grain 1 glass
Salt 1 tsp.

buckwheat in a glass


1. Rinse the buckwheat before cooking to get rid of industrial dust and debris. Then transfer the cereal to the pan. To do this, you need a special pan for use in a microwave on a 2 liter, equipped with a lid. Pour boiling water into the pan with buckwheat, salt it. Send the billet in the microwave, covered the pan with a lid. Note to the recipe: if you decide to cook in the microwave, then the salt is recommended to use less than when cooking on the stove. This is due to the shortened cooking duration.

buckwheat in water

2. Before boiling, the power of the mode should be turned on to a maximum. Calculate the required amount of time can be given the power level. If you have a microwave oven on 1000 W, then it takes about three and a half minutes to boil. If the microwave oven is of the old type, and the power reaches only 750 W, then the time will increase to 7 – 8 minutes.

3. As soon as the water starts to boil, open the microwave, remove the lid and set the power to 600 watts. Cook buckwheat without a lid for 8 minutes. In the middle of the process it is recommended to mix the cereal and then continue cooking.

4. After eight minutes, remove the pan. Water at this point should already evaporate, and buckwheat - to prepare. If the water has not had time to evaporate, it is recommended to continue the process of cooking porridge. If the buckwheat turned out to be tough, pour in a small amount of water and return the porridge to the microwave. But if all proportions were met correctly, buckwheat porridge is ready. You can serve on the table. A pot cooked in this way is no different from a dish that was cooked on the stove. The only difference is the cooking time. If you use the recipe for a microwave, it will take a little more than 10 minutes.

buckwheat in a bowl

5. If you have a little more time, then do not rush to serve the dish on the table, give him the opportunity to relax. To do this, cover the pan with a lid and leave in the microwave for another 8 minutes, setting the power to about 450 watts.

Video recipe

A few recipe recommendations

  • When cooking in double volume, use a saucepan more than a liter of 3, otherwise you will be catching your “bear mush” throughout the microwave. Do not forget to proportionally increase the amount of time in the cooking process and in the steaming process to 10 minutes.
  • Butter is better to put after cooking, then our buckwheat in the microwave will turn out crumbly (if you put the butter right away, then the look of the porridge will be "smeared").

We also offer a different recipe for porridge - buckwheat with stew in a slow cooker.

Updated: 03.04.2018

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  1. Zlata

    Microwave, of course, is not a bad alternative to cooking in pots, but still a lot of problems! I cook in a pressure cooker. Quick, tasty and easy! Well, for those who do not have it - a great recipe for a sweet porridge!

  2. Sticher

    The recipe is beyond praise.
    Porridge turned soft, crumbly. After cooking, add a slice of plums. oil, stirred and let stand 5 min - finally can!

  3. Natalia

    Many recipes for buckwheat porridge. In the microwave to make it convenient and fast. I do immediately in a serving plate at one time. It turns out delicious.

  4. Marina

    We must try to cook buckwheat according to your recipe, and then bought a microwave and use it only to heat the ready meals.

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