Cooking buckwheat porridge in the oven with pumpkin and meat

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Buckwheat porridge - one of the most delicious and popular dishes. For cooking porridge use buckwheat, the benefits of which are told and written a lot. Its composition contains many trace elements, biologically active substances (rutin), vitamins, especially group B. By nutritional value, buckwheat is equated to meat, but, unlike him, it is not a heavy product. The nutritional value of 100 grams of viscous buckwheat porridge on water is 150 kcal.

Cook buckwheat (as in This recipe) porridge, you can use a huge number of recipes. She's boiled on the water and milk. Adding sugar, honey, jam, dried fruits, you can get a sweet porridge. If you need a universal side dish, you can cook buckwheat with butter. If you need an independent second course, then cook porridge with meat, vegetables. You can also replace buckwheat with rice and cook rice porridge in a pot in the oven.

We offer to cook flavored buckwheat in pots according to a unique recipe - buckwheat in the oven with pumpkin and meat. This dish will decorate not only the daily diet, but also the holiday table. And as tasty as - for the ears do not ottyanesh! No wonder our grandmothers were cooking porridge in earthenware in the Russian stove potted. The originality of this dish adds a combination of pumpkin and meat. Cook buckwheat porridge in a pot is much easier than cooking it in the traditional way in a saucepan. Let's start cooking fragrant buckwheat with pumpkin and meat.


Buckwheat grain 1 glass
Water 1,5 glasses
Pumpkin 200 grams
Chicken fillet 150 grams
Butter 5-10 gram
Vegetable oil 30 grams
Salt, spices to taste


1. First, prepare buckwheat. We touch it, clearing of small garbage and dark grains. Then wash the 2-3 times. For the best taste of the finished meal, the grits can be lightly dried and roasted in a preheated dry pan. As a result, porridge will turn out crumbly and fragrant.

roasted cereal in a pan

2. We wash the pumpkin, chop the pulp into small cubes. In a hot frying pan in vegetable oil fry pumpkin until half cooked. You can replace the vegetable oil on a mixture of olive and butter. Add salt and spices to taste (black, red pepper).

chopped tikva

3. Remove chicken skin and excess fat from chicken fillet. Cut into small pieces. In the same oil, but separately, fry the meat with salt, spices and simmer until tender. Instead of chicken fillet, you can use any other type of meat - pork, beef, rabbit.

meat cubes

4. Begin to fill the pots - lay out buckwheat, roasted meat and pumpkin. Fill all with water so that it covers buckwheat on 2,5-3, see. It is necessary to fill the pots by ¾. In the process of cooking cereal will increase in volume.

cereal in a pot

5. Cover with lids and send the pots to the oven. It is important that all containers are covered. If there are no covers, then you can use foil folded in several layers. Buckwheat porridge in this recipe is prepared thanks to a couple, not water. It is better to put clay pots in the cold oven, then turn it on and heat to the required temperature. If you put the pot in a hot oven right away, it may crack.

6. In an oven heated to 180 – 190 degrees, buckwheat porridge with pumpkin and meat will cook 40 – 60 minutes (depending on the capacity of the container and the meat selected).

7. For 5 minutes before the end of cooking in a pot add a piece of butter. This will make buckwheat with meat richer in taste and flavor.

8. Reduce the temperature to the minimum mark and send the pots back to the oven.

9. After a few minutes, crumbly porridge is ready. We give it a little cool and can be served.

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Buckwheat porridge cooked according to this recipe with meat (you will find more here) - excellent main course. Serve it as laid out on a plate, and in a pot, decorated with fresh herbs. Cooked so buckwheat perfectly complemented by vegetable dishes. This is a slice of fresh vegetables, various salads, canned platter. If you want an unusual porridge with meat, then the recipe wheat cereal with pumpkin and meat would be the best option!

Especially delicious buckwheat in a pot in the oven with pickled mushrooms and sauerkraut. Will complement it baked in oven vegetables. Improve the taste of buckwheat porridge sauces that are served with meat dishes. The original taste is obtained if you add a garlic or spicy tomato-based sauce. As one of the simple options, you can use ketchup, mayonnaise or ready-made soy sauce.

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