How to cook buckwheat in a pot with chicken

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Very simple and fast, but at the same time extraordinarily original, aromatic and tasty dish - chicken with buckwheat porridge in pots. It can not be compared with the usual buckwheat porridge, boiled in water. Using the proposed photo recipe, you can easily cook a juicy, fragrant, crumbly porridge. If you add any sauce or tomato paste, the taste will be much brighter, richer and more interesting.

Algorithm of preparation

Buckwheat with chicken in pots is very tender and rich. This dish is ideal for both family dinner and a festive feast. What could be better and tastier than a juicy chicken and loose buckwheat porridge cooked in the oven in special pots?

Try to experiment a little, to surprise the household with an unusual dish. Buckwheat with chicken in the pot is a smart option for this. It should be noted that buckwheat is considered extremely valuable, useful and to some extent therapeutic.

Buckwheat is considered very beneficial to human health. It enriches the body with vitamins, amino acids, macro-and micronutrients. Chicken with buckwheat in pots is prepared quickly and easily. The cooking time in the oven will be about fifty minutes. While cooking this dish around the house, there will be a terrific scent that will awaken the appetite even for those who have not been hungry.


Buckwheat ½ cup
Breast of chicken 1 fillet
Tomato paste 2 tsp
Sunflower oil 1 Art. a spoon
Herbs, Pepper, Salt and Sugar to taste
Carrots 1 piece.
Onion 1 head

The listed number of ingredients is designed for one portion pot.


1. Prepare all the necessary ingredients for this dish. Heat the oven in advance to 230 degrees. First you need to clean the vegetables. After that, grate the carrot on a coarse grater. As for onions, it should be cut into half rings. Wash the chicken fillet under running water, dry with a paper towel, and then cut into small cubes of the same size.

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2. Prepared products are placed in a pot. You can add a small amount of vegetable oil and stir. Make sure that the volume of the pot is half full. Then you can add herbs, pepper and salt, mix thoroughly.

ingredients in a pot

3. Send the pot to the oven for fifteen minutes. During this time it is necessary to mix its contents twice to ensure uniform cooking. At this time, you can prepare a special tomato sauce. You will need two teaspoons of tomato paste, which is diluted in a cup of boiled water.

tomato paste with water

4. In the sauce, add a little less than ½ teaspoon of sugar, as well as salt to taste.

tomato water with salt

5. When the chicken fillet reaches the desired condition, it will have a bright and pleasant shade. The pot must be removed from the oven. By this time you need to sort out buckwheat and rinse under running water. Add buckwheat to chicken and vegetables.

potted chicken

6. Stir the contents of the pot (clay, ceramic) thoroughly.

chicken and buckwheat in a pot

7. Pour the prepared sauce into the pot. It is very important that it completely covers the cereal with meat. However, make sure that up to the neck remained around 1,5, see Add a bay leaf, cover the pot with a lid and send to the oven for thirty minutes.

ingredients in a pot of water

8. Remove the pot from the oven, leave it for ten minutes. Let the ingredients of the dish infuse, thoroughly soak and exchange flavors and aroma. Serve on a plate or in a pot. A great addition to this dish will be a salad of fresh vegetables.

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Video recipe

Buckwheat porridge, cooked according to the proposed recipe, it turns out tasty and fragrant. An important advantage of the dish is that it can be used during a diet aimed at losing weight.

Updated: 20.12.2018

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