Cooking buckwheat in the oven with pork

buckwheat with greens on tarlke

Buckwheat porridge, cooked according to a special recipe with meat, turns out to be unusually juicy, tender, tasty, nutritious and fragrant. If it is not cooked on the stove, but in the oven, then its taste will be noticeably different. Your family will be delighted to try buckwheat porridge with meat in merchants. The recipe for such buckwheat is unusually simple, affordable. Using the suggested step-by-step recipe with photos, you can make a great lunch or dinner for the whole family.

The technology of cooking buckwheat in a merchant

Buckwheat porridge is considered very beneficial to health and body shape, so it must be present in the diet at least twice a week. Such a dish as buckwheat with pork in the oven is very satisfying. It will be an excellent dinner that will not only saturate the human body, but also enrich it with energy and strength for the whole day.

The recipe of cooking is very simple and straightforward, and buckwheat cereal turns out fragrant, crumbly and very juicy. She is soaked with juice from vegetables and pork, which makes her taste more saturated. To make the meat more fragrant, spicy, you can use black pepper, favorite seasonings and spices. This will help highlight the strong qualities of the ingredients used.

Buckwheat porridge has a high carbohydrate content that allows you to digest the dish longer. This provides a lasting feeling of fullness. If you eat buckwheat regularly, you can feel a surge of strength, energy and health.

As for the chemical composition of buckwheat, it simply amazes with its diversity. It contains disaccharides and monosaccharides, unsaturated fatty acids and starch. In addition, buckwheat is rich in vitamins PP, A, E, B9, B1-B6. Acids such as malic, oxalic and citric are present. Do not forget about amino acids - lysine and arginine. Of particular importance is the mineral composition of this cereal:

  • magnesium, boron;
  • potassium, chlorine;
  • calcium, phosphorus;
  • sodium, molybdenum;
  • sulfur, iron;
  • silicon and zinc.


To prepare a delicious dish you need the following ingredients:

Pork 600 grams
Buckwheat grain 1 glass
Onion one head
Carrots 1-2 pieces.
Sunflower oil 5 tablespoons
Garlic about 5 cloves
Parsley dill on 3-4 sprigs
Salt, black pepper, herbs and spices use according to your preferences

buckwheat carrot onion greens spices

From the proposed list of products you can prepare four servings of delicious buckwheat porridge. The total cooking time will be 55 minutes.


1. According to the recipe, prepare all the necessary ingredients. They must be of superior quality. Pork can be replaced with veal, rabbit or chicken. Onions and carrots must be cleaned, rinsed in running water. Wash the meat and dry with a paper towel.

carrot onion meat

2. Using a sharp knife, chop the onion in small pieces, rub the carrots on a medium grater or cut into small cubes. Chop the garlic cloves thoroughly. Remove the veins from the meat, then cut it into medium pieces.

sliced ​​meat with carrots and onions

3. Heat the pan thoroughly and pour some vegetable oil into it. Fry the carrot, stirring occasionally with a wooden spatula. Fry for at least five minutes.

carrots in a pan

4. After that, onions are sent to the pan. Continue to fry over medium heat for five minutes.

carrots with onions in a pan

5. When the vegetables change color a little, they become softer, you can add prepared pieces of meat to them. Cook for seven more minutes on medium heat, stirring occasionally.

meat in a pan with onions and carrots

6. When the meat color becomes white, you can proceed to the next stage of cooking this dish.

fried meat in a pan

7. For further cooking will require special ceramic or clay pots. If you do not have lids, you can easily replace them with ordinary aluminum foil or dough cakes. These cakes are very tasty and soft with an appetizing crust on top. In the process of cooking, they are soaked in pairs coming from the dish.

clay pots

8. In the pot you need to put the first layer, namely pork with roasted vegetables.

meat in pots

9. Then you can do the preparation of buckwheat - the main ingredient of the proposed dish. It should be taken from the garbage, rinsed with cool running water, then dry a little on a hot frying pan. This technique will allow make buckwheat porridge more fragrant, tasty and crumbly.

peeled buckwheat

10. Prepared croup is the second layer. It must be divided into four pots.

buckwheat in pots

11. In a small bowl or deep platter, mix the salt, spices, herbs, and black pepper. Then divide into four equal parts and distribute in all pots.

buckwheat spices in pots

12. To ensure uniform cooking, it is worth pouring the same amount of warm water into each pot.

warm water in pots with buckwheat

13. Chop finely greens and sprinkle with her dish.

buckwheat greens in pots

14. At the final stage, cover the containers with a lid, foil or dough and send to the oven preheated to 180. Bake at least 40 minutes. Buckwheat cereal is ready!

cooked buckwheat on a plate

Video recipe

Using the above recipe, you will cook the most delicious and tender buckwheat.

Updated: 05.01.2019

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