Recipe for buckwheat porridge in a slow cooker with stew

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Buckwheat is a traditional product of Slavic cuisine. Homeland of this plant are the mountainous regions of India and Nepal. For the preparation of various recipes based on buckwheat, unground buckwheat is used - whole and ground in the process of processing buckwheat kernels.

There are many recipes for cooking buckwheat. For the preparation of crumbly dishes using whole grain cereals. If you want to have breakfast with viscous porridge, then, best of all, a pierced meal (crushed cereal) will do. In addition, buckwheat can be cooked in a sweet form with the addition of milk, butter, sugar and honey. This option will especially please the kids.

Buckwheat porridge with meat is ideal as a second course. But with the fast rhythm of modern life there is not always enough time to prepare complex dishes. In this case, the multicooker will become an indispensable assistant. And as a meat additive you can use stew. Buckwheat with stew in a slow cooker - a great option for a budget, hearty and tasty dish. You can also cook buckwheat porridge with meat according to the classic recipe.

buckwheat grain


Buckwheat grain 2 multistaka
Water 4 multistaka
Stew 6 century. l.
Onion and carrot on 1 pcs.
Vegetable oil 50 ml
Salt pepper to taste


1. Chop the onion in half rings, chop the carrots on a grated medium. In the “Frying” mode (for the Panasonic cooker, it is better to use the “Baking” mode) in vegetable oil in a container we fry the vegetables. When they become transparent or golden color, turn off the mode.

chopped onion

2. We sort out buckwheat porridge, we remove black grains and small garbage. Thoroughly wash the 2-4 times and together with the stew we add the multicooker to the vegetables in the saucepan.

stew with onions in a pan

3. Choose only high-quality stew with a suitable term of consumption. When choosing homemade stew, pay attention to the color, smell of the product. If there is an unpleasant smell or a strange shade, it is better to refuse this product. Next, you need salt and pepper dish. In this case, note that the stew is already salty.

4. All products in the tank must be poured with hot boiled water. Gently mix and close the multicooker lid.

all ingredients in water

5. On the control panel, select the cooking mode “Rice”, “Groats”, “Buckwheat porridge”, “Quenching” - depending on the model of the slow cooker.

6. On average, in 30 – 40 minutes, tasty buckwheat porridge with canned meat will be ready. For 5 minutes until the dish is ready, add bay leaf and other spices recommended for meat dishes to taste.

cooking dish in a slow cooker

7. In five minutes, when the porridge is infused and saturated with the aroma of spices, you can serve it on the table.

Now you know how to cook buckwheat with stew in a slow cooker. Buckwheat porridge made according to this recipe turns out to be more fragrant, crumbly, pieces of meat from stews do not fall apart. The dish is best consumed hot. It is perfect for a hearty breakfast or as a nutritional side dish for lunch. Serve it, laid out on plates and decorated with fresh herbs.

Video recipe

Before packing up buckwheat, manufacturers fry it. Depending on the degree of roasting, there are several types. If the cereal is green, it is not fried buckwheat. The cost of such cereals is higher than other types. It has a different taste, and it retains more beneficial properties. If the grain is light brown - this is the average degree of roasting. Strongly roasted buckwheat can be identified by dark brown color.

It is difficult to assess the benefits of regular consumption of this type of cereal. Buckwheat porridge contains an enormous amount of protein amino acids, vitamins, useful microelements. And the iron content is equivalent to red meat and fish. It is irreplaceable in the diet of those who adhere to the principles of healthy eating. Calorie buckwheat is 132 kcal.

Buckwheat porridge with stewed meat goes well with canned and pickled vegetables. Delicious will be buckwheat with fresh salads. It can also be filled with various sauces. For example, perfect spicy sauce based on tomatoes.

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  1. AntonJasanov

    I am a bachelor, just that I finished cooking buckwheat in a slow cooker according to this recipe, it turned out simple and tasty, but I want to give advice, look and try, because slow cookers are different and I had enough 25 minutes for full cooking, then buckwheat will just boil well and will not, as they say "grain to grain"). I am grateful to "Your Wash"!

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