How to cook buckwheat porridge with vegetables

buckwheat porridge in a bowl

One of the delicious, very healthy dishes, which always have a place on the table, is crumbly buckwheat porridge. It can be a separate dish or a side dish. There are many recipes for cooking tasty and crumbly porridge, but the main rule is always constant: “The friability of porridge depends, first of all, on the correct observance of exact proportions of water and cereal.” But one tasty porridge is not enough for the dinner to be complete. Every day to eat empty buckwheat for all meals is not the most brilliant prospect. For men, for example, the best supplement will be meat.

Now you will learn how to cook buckwheat with vegetables. There are different recipes for cooking buckwheat with vegetables, but we will provide you with one of the best. For this we need:


Buckwheat grain 1 glass
Water 3 glasses
Frozen vegetables "Lecho" 1 tutu (400 g.)
Salt, pepper, seasonings
Vegetable oil for cooking vegetables
Butter for buckwheat porridge

frozen vegetables and buckwheat


1. Thoroughly rinse the cereal, put it in a saucepan, add water (all three glasses), put to cook on high heat.

washed cereal

2. On the next burner, heat the vegetable oil in a frying pan, put some thawed vegetables in it (or do not thaw and put in a cold frying pan, otherwise if the ice comes in contact with the vegetables with hot oil, there will be a strong reaction and a fountain of hot sprays).

frozen vegetables in a pan

3. Boil buckwheat to a practically finished state so that the water in it remains minimal.

boiled buckwheat

4. Vegetables, first protomit under the lid, and then thoroughly fry (it is better to immediately remove the skin from the tomatoes, otherwise it will not taste good).

stewed vegetables in a pan

5. Put practically ready buckwheat into the pan with ready-made vegetables, stew together with the lid closed for 10 minutes on low heat, so that the cereal absorbs all the juice from the vegetables and mix thoroughly.

buckwheat with vegetables in a pan

6. The finished dish is better to shift back to the pan, add a little butter, cover with a lid, let it stand for about 15 minutes.
Buckwheat porridge with vegetables according to the "winter" recipe is ready!

Culinary sites can offer a wide variety of recipes for cooking. buckwheat with meat. This cereal can be perfectly combined with any kind of meat (pork, beef, poultry). There are recipes for which meat needs to be added in the porridge cooking process, and there are options where meat is served separately, as an independent dish. It all depends on your tastes.

Another delicious option is to cook buckwheat, with some sauce or meat sauce with the addition of pieces of meat. The special taste of buckwheat porridge gives the addition of onions in the process of cooking meat gravy - such recipes are particularly successful, because such buckwheat is a completely independent dish, absorbing all the juice from the gravy and all the flavors. You can also cook buckwheat porridge with pumpkin.

In itself, buckwheat groats are the best dietary product, undoubted record holder in the row of cereals in the number of proteins, folic acid and a large number of vitamins and minerals that are very important and necessary for the human body.

It is best to eat buckwheat porridge for breakfast, especially in the cold season, as our immunity requires additional support.
This croup contains a large number of essential amino acids for humans and few carbohydrates (when compared with other cereals).
Buckwheat is divided into types depending on the integrity of the grain. The leader in the benefits is the jarice - whole grain. For buckwheat porridge was tasty and crumbly, it is necessary to strictly observe the proportions when cooking - one part of the cereal plus three parts of water (according to the grandmother’s recipe). After that, when the water is absorbed, remove the porridge from the heat, wrap in a warm towel.

In order for the buckwheat to be more fragrant, fry it before cooking, for about three minutes on low heat. Do not forget to constantly mix the cereal, otherwise it will burn.

In addition to the standard recipe for cooking buckwheat porridge, there are many others - add milk, butter or sour cream, onions, fat, cheese, eggs, tomatoes, turnips, liver, nuts, mushrooms or onions to porridge.

Tasty buckwheat is obtained when combined with salmon, chicken, vegetables, with fried onions, you can add fresh cucumber, cheese or tomatoes, pears with cinnamon, beans with tomatoes, apples or mushrooms.

In addition to buckwheat cereal, you can make buckwheat chops, burgers or zrazy (with the addition of cottage cheese), sausages, and cook pilaf or gland with liver and buckwheat or “Student” cake, including buckwheat and sausages.

If you are on a diet, buckwheat with vegetables for weight loss is one of the best dishes. It is very tasty, and carries a small amount of calories.

Video recipe

Combine buckwheat can be not only with meat fillers. Prepare delicious fish (better sea) and add a side dish in the form of buckwheat - the dish will be easy, satisfying and healthy. It is better to add this option with sauce or gravy, so that it does not become too dry.
It is good to combine buckwheat porridge with mushrooms. This dish is very simple - mix crumbly buckwheat porridge with fried mushrooms and onion - very tasty. The most useful and easy for the stomach recipe for cooking buckwheat porridge agree on one thing - in this case it is best to use vegetables in any combination. That is the most delicious option is buckwheat with vegetables.

To prepare such a dish is very easy. It is rich in carbohydrates, which are easily digested (buckwheat), vitamins, which are contained in vegetables. If you have a double boiler, you can cook buckwheat porridge with vegetables in a double boiler. This will simplify your work.
The main secret of this recipe is that the almost cooked porridge is stewed with vegetables and sauce from them in a pan. It turns out buckwheat stew with vegetables.

There are two versions of this recipe, so to speak, “summer” and “winter”. If you are cooking in summer, then from vegetables it is best to take carrots, tomatoes, bell peppers, always with onions. And for the "winter" option, you can buy a pack of frozen vegetables (for example, from the series "Lecho" - there, it includes tomatoes, Bulgarian pepper, onions, which we need). Try also to cook buckwheat porridge with mushrooms.

Also you will like buckwheat porridge with milkcooked according to our recipe.

Updated: 08.09.2018

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    It turned out very tasty, although I do not really like cereal. Before that I thought that buckwheat can be eaten only with canned meat.

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