How to cook buckwheat porridge with meat

cooked porridge in a bowl

Buckwheat with meat - the most hearty version of the dish of buckwheat This cereal is recommended to be included regularly in the diet. In its composition, it contains many vitamins, essential amino acids and trace elements - iron, calcium, phosphorus, copper.

Buckwheat with all its usefulness is also a very tasty product. There are many recipes for buckwheat. These are recipes for first courses (soups), and dessert dishes — kissels (more here), pancakes, pancakes. But, most often, this cereal is used in the preparation of main courses or side dishes - porridge (for example, buckwheat with meat).

Buckwheat is a universal cereal, from which you can make many useful and interesting recipes for cereals. Meals are cooked on the stove, in the slow cooker or in the oven (for example, buckwheat porridge in pots). Like any other cereal, buckwheat can be used in a sweet form, adding sugar, honey, jam, dried fruits. At the same time its caloric content is growing with every gram of sweet. You'll also like the recipe. barley porridge.

In the classic form of buckwheat porridge is prepared with the addition of butter. Much tastier and more satisfying is obtained if you cook it with meat. These products are perfectly combined. The dish is distinguished by its nutritional value, wonderful aroma, healthy properties and excellent taste. To make a variety in the menu, you can cook with different types of meat. To your attention the recipe for buckwheat porridge with meat.


Buckwheat grain 400 gr
Pork 400 gr
Onions and carrots 150 gr
Water 1 l
Vegetable oil or fat 80 gr
pepper, salt and other spices to taste



1. To cook buckwheat porridge with meat, you need to start with the preparation of meat. Cut pork into small portions (there are still This recipe). You can use beef, meat rabbit and birds. It is better to give preference to boneless sirloin tenderloin. Thus, the dish will be more juicy, and the meat - tender.

2. Fry meat on high heat until golden brown. For cooking it is better to use a skillet with high walls. Meat can be fried on any fat (melted, butter, olive oil). The best option is the combination of butter and olive oil.meat in a pan

3. Cut the onion in half rings, chop the carrot on a large grater. In vegetable oil fry vegetables until golden brown.

grated carrots

4. Combine roasted meat and vegetables.

meat and vegetables in a pan

5. Fill the 1 meat with a liter of boiling water and leave to stew under the lid for 15 – 20 minutes.

6. We wash buckwheat 2 – 4 times. Tip: to make the porridge more fragrant, crumbly and tasty, dry the buckwheat in a pan without adding oil for 3-5 minutes. Add the cereal to the meat, salt and pepper.

washed buckwheat

7. As soon as the water boils, we reduce the heat to low and for 15 minutes we leave the meat with buckwheat to stew. Buckwheat and meat preferably taken in the quantities indicated in the recipe. But if you want you can vary the proportions. It is important to remember that the finished porridge will increase in quantity 2,5 times. Meat, on the other hand, may be slightly roasted. Pour your favorite spices to give extra flavor to the dish. You can use curry, hops-suneli, basil, bay leaf.

roasted buckwheat

8. We mix and under a tightly closed lid, leave to stew over the slowest fire. Buckwheat must absorb all the liquid.

9. Before serving, it is recommended to leave the gruel steep under the lid.

Cooked according to this recipe, buckwheat with meat turns out crumbly and very fragrant. Best of all, serve it hot. It is perfect for breakfast and as a second course for lunch. When serving decorate finely chopped fresh herbs. Buckwheat porridge with meat goes well with pickles - cucumbers, tomatoes, pickled mushrooms and sauerkraut. No less tasty and healthy buckwheat with meat will be with fresh vegetable cutting.

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Updated: 07.03.2019

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