Recipe for cooking buckwheat with meat in a pot

cooked porridge in a pot

The combination of buckwheat porridge with meat is an excellent hearty dish that will appeal not only to adults, but also to the most capricious children. Buckwheat can be cooked with meat, fish, stew and vegetables. Hearty and delicious buckwheat with meat can be baked in the oven using a clay or ceramic pot. The dish will amaze you with its wonderful taste and incredible aroma.

Features of the dish

Portion pots are a very useful, valuable and amazing thing that should be in the household. Their cost is quite low, while they are able to replace most of the expensive dishes and appliances. Given their versatility, neither the pan, nor the pan, nor the most sophisticated kitchen appliances can compare with them. The advantage of the pot is that with such a heat treatment, most of the beneficial ingredients are retained. In addition, with this method of cooking all the ingredients of the dish exchange their aromas and flavors.

You can cook anything in a pot. One of these dishes is buckwheat with meat cooked in the oven. At the request of buckwheat in the pots can be cooked not only with meat, but also with vegetables. Pieces of meat are tender, juicy.

How to cook buckwheat with meat in a pot? Before getting acquainted with the recipe and cooking technology, it should be noted that the taste of such porridge is similar to the one that was prepared in Russian ovens. In addition, pots are able to retain heat for a long time.

First you need to prepare the necessary ingredients. It is very important to choose the right meat. Chicken, pork, beef, and turkey go well with buckwheat. For this dish you need to take a filet part, wash thoroughly and dry with a paper towel, then cut into small pieces. To make the dish juicy, marinate meat in advance, using a variety of spices, pepper and salt, as well as soy sauce.

If the dish is prepared with vegetables (onions, carrots, eggplants, tomatoes or paprika), they are peeled, cut and fried, but lightly. After that, washed buckwheat, lay in pots, put vegetables and meat on top. Capacity is covered with a lid, sent to the oven for 50 minutes. If desired, the dish can be sprinkled with grated cheese five minutes before full readiness. When cooking buckwheat instead of ordinary water, you can use broth. So it will turn out more saturated and gentle.

Buckwheat porridge with meat, cooked in clay pots, suitable for a family dinner, and for the festive table. The dish always turns out very juicy, tasty, original.


Water 2 glasses
Onion 100 grams
Boneless Thigh 250 grams
Buckwheat 1 glass
prunes 100 grams (required without stones)
Butter 25 grams
Salt 1 teaspoon
Black pepper, various spices and herbs to taste


1. Measure out one glass of buckwheat groats, pour on a work surface. Carefully sort out the cereal to get rid of spoiled nucleoli, debris.

pure buckwheat

2. Rinse buckwheat under running water. Repeat the procedure at least four or five times, until the water becomes crystal clear, transparent. Boil the water. Pour buckwheat into a pot, then pour in water and lightly salt it. At this point, you can add butter.

buckwheat in a pot with butter

3. Then cover the pot with a lid or aluminum foil, send it to the oven. You do not need to preheat the oven, it must be cold, otherwise the pot may crack. Cook buckwheat for twenty minutes at a temperature of 180 degrees. While healthy porridge is cooked, you can do meat. It should be rinsed in warm water, cleaned from the skin and cut into small pieces.

board meat and onion

4. Send a frying pan to the stove, pouring vegetable oil into it. At the same time it is necessary to clear onions, cut into small pieces, half rings. When the oil warms up, fry the turkey pieces for two minutes on each side.

sliced ​​onion

5. Then empty half of the pan, sliding into the meat, fried until golden brown. Next place onions.

meat and onions in a pan

6. Stir the meat with the onions. Pepper and salt. You do not need to do this before, otherwise the meat will lose all the juice, flavor, it will become dry and "rubber". To give the dish a more pleasant flavor, you can add a few bay leaves.

7. Do not forget to turn down the heat under the frying pan, then pour in one glass of boiling water. Cover and simmer for half an hour at minimum heat. After that, transfer the contents of the pan to a pot of porridge, send back to the oven for twenty minutes.

porridge in a pot with bay leaf

8. While preparing porridge with turkey, you need to do prunes. It should be thoroughly washed and pour boiling water so that it is steamed out. After ten minutes, drain the remaining water, cut the prunes into four slices, add to the pot.

The finished dish can be decorated with fresh greens and serve. With this dish marinated mushrooms, tomatoes and cucumbers, as well as homemade sauerkraut are perfectly combined.

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Useful Tips

To buckwheat porridge in the pot turned out tasty and healthy, you can follow some recommendations from experienced chefs.

Tips for cooking buckwheat in pots:

  • porridge will taste better if you fry it in a dry frying pan for three minutes before cooking it;
  • in order not to deprive the dish of a wonderful aroma, you should not open the lid during cooking;
  • porridge in pots will turn out crumbly, if you keep the cereal in cold water for an hour.

Buckwheat porridge with meat, cooked in clay pots, is an excellent alternative to the usual buckwheat with stew. The highlight of the proposed dish is that it is served in a portion pot. Thanks to this technology and the supply, the dish retains heat and is saturated with a stunning aroma.

Updated: 09.12.2018

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