How to cook buckwheat with carrots and onions

ready buckwheat with seeds

Crumbly buckwheat, cooked in a pan with carrots and onions, the most optimal and successful option if you have a budget and the minimum food set, as well as a little time. If you need to cook something fast enough and tasty, then buckwheat cereal with such vegetables will be the best choice. Duration of cooking about twenty - thirty minutes. In addition, fragrant and crumbly porridge is a smart side dish for vegetable salads, fish and meat products. If desired, it can be used as a complete, self-sufficient dish. If you need a lean recipe, then butter can be easily replaced with vegetable oil, it will turn out just as good!

Algorithm of preparation

Buckwheat with onions and carrots is a smart alternative to the usual, “empty” gruel. If you want something simple, tasty, healthy, but not quite ordinary, then buckwheat cereal with carrots and onions is the ideal option. The dish is obtained from the first time so that you will lick your fingers.

Buckwheat with carrots and onions is the perfect combination of flavors, ingredients. It is important to note that the kernels of buckwheat are soaked with the aroma, juice and taste of vegetables, which makes the dish unforgettable and bright. In addition, it is excellent such a dish as buckwheat with mushrooms, as well as with onions and eggs. Prepare them extremely simply using reliable and proven recipes.


You will need these ingredients:

Carrots 50 grams
Onion 40 grams
Buckwheat grain 40 grams
Champignons (frozen) 150 grams
Sunflower seeds ½ teaspoon
Sunflower oil 1 tablespoon

The list of products is designed for one female portion. To make such a gruel for men, you should increase the amount of all the ingredients in half.


1. Prepare all the products noted in the recipe. After that, take the mushrooms and fill them with boiling water. Send them to the stove, lightly salted with water.

mushrooms in the pan
2. Meanwhile, put a clean and dry frying pan on the stove, warm it up and add buckwheat. Constantly stir buckwheat with a wooden spatula, do not let it burn to the bottom. It is better to use the buckwheat, which does not need to be washed.

buckwheat in a dry pan
3. When the cereal darkens a bit, it should be poured from the pan into any container. Thanks to this manipulation, buckwheat kernels will begin to unfold like popcorn. Such a process can be observed after five to seven minutes.

buckwheat in a bowl
4. After that, pour some sunflower oil into the pan. Peel the carrot and onions. As for carrots, it should be grated, and onions - finely chopped. When the oil warms up, send the vegetables to the pan, fry them until golden.

grated carrots and onions in a pan
5. While the vegetables are roasting, you should go in for mushrooms. They need to drain, and the broth is better to keep, as it is useful in further cooking. It is important to note that the broth is aromatic, rich and incredibly nutritious.

sieve champignons
6. Boiled mushrooms should be added to onions, carrots and mix thoroughly using a wooden spatula. Fry everything together for three minutes, at this stage you can add any spices, herbs and spices. These ingredients perfectly combine bay leaf and cilantro.

champignons with vegetables
7. After that, buckwheat is sent to the pan, everything is poured with a sufficient amount of mushroom broth. Do not forget to salt a little. An important caveat: pour mushroom broth into the dish several times, but in small portions. The cooking time at this stage is about seven minutes.

mushrooms with buckwheat
8. When the dish is ready, add sunflower seeds. This ingredient is perfectly combined with the finished porridge, it gives a certain piquancy extravagance. Buckwheat, cooked according to the proposed recipe, will appeal to absolutely everyone.

Video recipe

Preparing a dish in this way, you can notice the presence of extraordinary flavor. Due to the fact that buckwheat groats are fried in a hot skillet, a light, unobtrusive nut flavor appears. Thanks to the seeds, a nutty note is perfectly emphasized. As for the calorie content of the finished dish, then in one portion about 286 kilocalories. The nutritional value buckwheat with vegetables: carbohydrates - 33 grams, proteins - 11 grams and fats - 13 grams.

If you want to cook something like this, then you will definitely like buckwheat with tomatoes. It is prepared in the same way, using fresh tomatoes, carrots and onions, buckwheat, tomato paste as ingredients. This dish is perfect for sausages, meatballs and meat.

You can cook and such an unusual dish like buckwheat with egg and onion. Cooking recipes are many, so you should choose the best. The most simple option: cook buckwheat porridge, fry the onions and put it all together. Pour butter into a frying pan, warm it and put porridge into it, then pour with beaten eggs. The pan is covered with a lid, cooked for no more than three minutes.

As you can see, the culinary process is very simple, so even a novice cook can cook buckwheat porridge with vegetables. Using the proposed detailed recipe from the photo, you can see that the dish is not simply simple and budget, but also incredibly healthy, fragrant, juicy and very tasty.

Updated: 03.01.2019

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