Buckwheat cereal recipe for breakfast with milk

Buckwheat porridge with milk

Kashi is an indispensable attribute of a healthy nutrition system. Buckwheat is recognized to be particularly rich in trace elements and other substances necessary for the body (see photo).

The content of the amount of iron buckwheat can compete with red meat and fish. Buckwheat porridge is also an excellent dietary product that is indispensable for proper nutrition. During the diet, buckwheat with slimming milk is a great option. Low calorie content of this product contributes to it. Buckwheat contains in 100:

  • Proteins - 4.5
  • Fats - 2,3 g;
  • Carbohydrates - 25,0

If you answer the question how to cook buckwheat porridge with milk, then it is easy, because it is the only one with the simplest in cooking. It is possible except for undercooking or burning it, but these are the last options. Buckwheat can be cooked on water, but most, especially little children, like sweet and milk. Whether buckwheat is useful with milk for children, the question is not relevant. The best breakfast product is hard to find.

To prepare a delicious porridge you need to know a few features of this product. If you want something unusual, here is a recipe for you buckwheat porridge for merchants.

Buckwheat grain
Ideally, buckwheat - crumbly. For the preparation of this type of buckwheat, you can use any recipe, but you must remember and respect the proportions:

  • One piece of buckwheat;
  • Two pieces of water.

The dishes in which you cook the grits are best to choose non-enameled with a thick bottom. And if there is a slightly convex bottom in the pan, this is ideal (maximum evaporation of the liquid occurs). The lid should fit well in the pan, otherwise cooked porridge will turn out dry.

This recipe is the most delicious and simple. Buckwheat porridge with milk can be thin and viscous. Liquid, it turns out, if you cook with cereals, the kernel of which is whole grains, for viscous buckwheat it is better to take crushed (pierced).

There are many recipes for cooking buckwheat in milk. Very often, those who cook this porridge, cook the cereal separately, and then pour it with warm milk. But this is not quite the right recipe for cooking. This is not buckwheat porridge with milk, and just buckwheat, poured with milk!

To prepare the correct recipe for buckwheat porridge, you need to take the following ingredients:


Buckwheat 1 glass
Milk 2 glasses
Oil 30 гр.
Salt, sugar to taste


1. Pour the required amount of buckwheat into the dishes and carefully sort and wash it. Depending on the transparency of the water is washed several times.

Selected buckwheat

2. Start cooking. Water in a saucepan over high heat bring to a boil. When boiling, add cereal, salt, put the sugar in this moment, it is up to you. Next, reduce the fire to the minimum mark and give another 15 min boil. under the lid. See photo.

Washed buckwheat

3. After this time, all the liquid in the porridge will evaporate. It's time to add milk, be sure to cold.

Buckwheat in milk

4. Over medium heat, already with the lid open, bring to a boil again. The croup will boil with milk, and its taste will become uniform, saturated. For too long to cook on fire is not necessary. It will not burn, but will definitely become dry with a specific unpleasant aftertaste.

Turn off the fire, cover and let stand 10 more min. Cooked buckwheat pick up "milk taste." The recipe for buckwheat porridge with milk - ready!

Video recipe

When serving, already in the plate to a surprisingly delicate and fragrant porridge, add a piece of butter. In this case, the calorie content will increase, but it will be tastier. Alternatively, you can still to this milk porridge submit a piece of bread or rolls.

This recipe for cereal is often used by moms for the first feeding of their child.. For the feeding of infants, the cereal is first crushed with a coffee grinder, sifted through a sieve. The resulting buckwheat flour need to pour boiling water and cook on low heat 30 min. Then add milk, salt, sugar, and bring to a boil. It turns out this kind of buckwheat cereal with milk for babies.

If it is not possible to grind the cereal initially, then when the buckwheat is cooked, it is rubbed through a sieve or used in a blender. Next, prepare the above recipe. But do not forget that milk buckwheat porridge, in addition to benefits, may have some harm to the health of the child. It belongs to the mildly allergenic products, so before using it is necessary to check for the presence of an allergic reaction in the baby.

Buckwheat porridge with milk is a favorite dish of not only many children, but also adults. Try our recipe in your kitchen. Make your family remember the taste of childhood.

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Updated: 09.09.2018

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  1. Elena

    where does water come from, if porridge is in milk?

    • vashakasha

      This is a recipe for porridge "with milk" and not "with milk."

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