Buckwheat recipe with chicken liver

boiled buckwheat with chicken liver

Buckwheat porridge is a real leader among other cereals, as it breaks records in the number of different recipes and cooking methods. One of the easiest and original recipes can be called buckwheat with liver. This dish is very nourishing, nutritious, juicy and fragrant. Great for family dinner or lunch. If everything is done according to the proposed recipe, chicken liver will turn out tender, melting in the mouth. It is important to know some of the secrets and tricks of cooking. To make the liver juicy, soft, it is fried for no longer than seven or nine minutes! As for buckwheat porridge, it also cooks quickly. The total duration of cooking does not exceed thirty-five minutes.

Technology of preparation

Buckwheat with chicken liver is a complete, balanced and healthy dish. It can be cooked not only on the stove in the cauldron, but also in the pot in the oven, as well as in the slow cooker. The proposed recipe can be used for any method. Buckwheat porridge with liver and onions can be called a classic combination of products.

If you have a little free time, and you need to prepare a full-fledged lunch or dinner, then this recipe will be for you your magic wand. Such a main dish is not only healthy and tasty, but also very fast to prepare.


Buckwheat grain ½ cup
Chicken liver about 250 — 300 grams
Garlic 1 small clove
Onion one head
Soy sauce 1 Art. a spoon
Honey 1 Art. a spoon
Spices, black ground pepper, fine salt to taste

This list and the number of products designed for two full servings.


1. Examine the recipe, prepare the necessary products for this dish. Buckwheat should be sorted out, to remove garbage and black nucleoli. Then rinse several times with running water.

buckwheat in water

2. Before you cook porridge, it is necessary to correctly calculate the proportions of cereals and liquids. If you are going to cook ½ cup buckwheat, then you need to use at least one glass of water. Pour the buckwheat in a saucepan, cover with water.

buckwheat in the pot boil
3. Send the pot to the stove, bring to a boil and add salt. Reduce heat to low, boil until all liquid is absorbed.

ready buckwheat in the pan
4. While cooking porridge, prepare the chicken liver. It must be thoroughly cleaned of streaks, films, then cut into small pieces.

peeled chicken liver
5. Peel onions, cut into half rings, send to a hot frying pan with vegetable oil.

sliced ​​onions
6. Fry the onions until it turns golden. After that, you can add chopped garlic. After three minutes, pour in the honey and soy sauce. Thoroughly mix the contents of the pan.

fried onions in a pan
7. Then send the chicken liver to the pan, fry over low heat for five minutes.

liver with onions in a skillet
8. Add salt, black pepper and a variety of spices for two minutes until cooked. Cover the pan with a lid, leave it for a while.

ready soft chicken liver
9. Buckwheat cereal with liver is ready. Serve to a table in a portion plate, garnished with vegetables and fresh herbs.

buckwheat on a plate with liver

Video recipe

The proposed dish is tender, tasty and juicy. It cooks quickly, and for cooking you will need a minimum amount of ingredients, which is an important advantage of the dish.

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