The recipe for buckwheat porridge with chicken in a slow cooker

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The slow cooker is a great helper in the kitchen. With its help, you can steam, bake, fry, simmer, cook dishes. Each multicooker is equipped with certain functions, among which there is a useful mode - the preparation of a tasty, healthy, crumbly porridge. Created special recipes for multicookers, according to which you can easily and without hassle to cook any dish. Buckwheat cereal is no exception.

Features of preparation

Most often, the multicooker provides such modes as: “Pilaf”, “Buckwheat”, “Porridge”, “Milk porridge”. The main difference between the proposed modes is the temperature, cooking time. Each cereal has a list of nutrients and nutrients that are stored under a particular heat treatment. In any multicooker this nuance is taken into account. Thanks to the useful kitchen appliance, you will be able to cook buckwheat, which will retain zinc, potassium, magnesium and other substances.

In a slow cooker, not only empty buckwheat porridge is easily cooked, but also with vegetables, chicken, meat, seafood and stew. Buckwheat with vegetables and chicken in a slow cooker is a healthy, quick and very satisfying dish that can be cooked as soon as possible. You do not need to mess with the chicken, fry it in a pan, cook the cereal separately, and then mix it. Thanks to an amazing device - a multivariate, buckwheat porridge is mixed with chicken in one container. Every hostess should try to cook such a dish as buckwheat with chicken.

Apart from the fact that in a multi-cooker, all dishes are cooked much faster than on a regular stove, it is possible to preserve all the nutritional and beneficial elements contained in the products. Buckwheat with chicken cooked in a slow cooker will be able to please any family.

To cook this tasty dietary dish, you need to use the universal recipe.


groats 400 grams
Chicken 1 kg.
Carrots, onions one by one
Water 4 Art.
Salt, pepper, spices to taste
Vegetable oil 40 milliliters
For decoration pickles

From a specified number of ingredients, six servings of a delicious, hearty lunch for the whole family are obtained.


1. Prepare all the listed ingredients. Peel the onions, carrots. Wash, cut the chicken. Best of all, use the hips, legs, wings. You can also take chicken fillet. Measure the required amount of buckwheat.

chicken in a bowl

2. Connect the slow cooker to the outlet, set the most powerful cooking mode to fry the meat. Pour vegetable oil into the bowl, salt the chicken, season with your favorite spices.

chicken with spices in a slow cooker

3. Vegetables must be cut into cubes or half rings. If desired, you can use a grater.

sliced ​​carrots

4. Prepared vegetables add to the meat in the frying process. Stir.

vegetables with meat in a slow cooker

5. When choosing cereals, make sure that the kernels are intact and intact. Go through it, get rid of stones, debris. Rinse thoroughly under running water. If you want, you can pour buckwheat with warm water for half an hour, so that it cooks faster.

washed buckwheat

6. After that, the cereal is sent to the bowl of vegetables and meat. Mix thoroughly so that all products are evenly distributed.

cereal meat vegetables in the bowl

7. Heat a glass of water in the 4 kettle, pour in the products. Add salt. Cover the lid until it clicks, set the mode that is in your kitchen appliance. Most often it is "Porridge" or "Buckwheat." The approximate cooking time is 45-50 minutes.

all ingredients with water

8. Delicious, fragrant, insanely delicious and hearty dish is ready. Unplug the appliance from the outlet, stir the gruel.

multicooker front view

9. Buckwheat with meat easy and simple recipe ready. Serve in a la carte plates, decorated with greens, pickled tomatoes, cucumbers.

Video recipe

The proposed recipe is unusually simple, affordable, does not require much time, effort and special culinary talents. Even a schoolboy can handle the process of making such delicious buckwheat.

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Updated: 24.08.2018

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