The recipe for buckwheat with mushrooms and chicken

buckwheat porridge

What could be better than buckwheat porridge with mushrooms and chicken? If you are a lover of buckwheat, but in the usual form it has become boring to you, you can diversify the dish by adding various ingredients to it. The proposed cereal is universal, it can be safely used in the preparation of the first and second courses, casseroles, meatballs, fillings for pancakes. No less profitable, it acts as a full-fledged, independent dish. Buckwheat porridge with tender chicken and mushrooms is an ideal option not only for a family lunch or dinner, but also for a festive table. To surprise households and guests, you can use the excellent step by step recipe.

Technology step by step preparation

Buckwheat with chicken and mushrooms is a very simple, quick, but tasty and healthy dish. If you want to prepare a healthy, nutritious and balanced breakfast, this dish will be an excellent choice. To cook buckwheat with mushrooms and chicken, it is enough to have the desire, a little imagination and creativity.

Buckwheat groats are extremely beneficial to health, as it contains many nutrients, trace elements and essential amino acids. Due to its rich composition, this product is able to fill the body with energy and strength for the whole day. Wherein buckwheat different low calorie. Buckwheat is considered a diet of cereals, so it can be used to improve the appearance, get rid of excess weight.

Buckwheat with chicken and mushrooms is a great alternative to complex, time-consuming dishes. In addition to buckwheat, chicken and mushrooms, for the preparation of this dish you will need vegetables and greens.

For cooking you will need the following ingredients:


Chicken (fillet) 400 grams
Buckwheat 1 glass
Distilled water 2 glasses
Frozen / Fresh Mushrooms 300 grams
Onion 1 head
Butter 20 grams
Vegetable oil 2 tablespoons
Greens for decoration
Pepper, salt, spices to taste

From the proposed amount of ingredients, about three to four servings of a delicious, flavorful dish are obtained.


1. The first step of the recipe is to prepare all the products that were listed. Sort through buckwheat, rinse several times under running water. Wash and dry the chicken fillet with a paper towel. Onions clean the husks.

ingredients from the list

2. Place the chicken on a cutting board. Wash the dill. Preferably use fresh fillet. If it is not available, you can take frozen chicken.

dill chicken and onion

3. Remove the streaks and film from the chicken. Cut the fillet into small pieces. Finely chop the onion and dill.

chopped chicken dill and onion

4. After that, send the pan to the stove, pour in the sunflower oil, warm it up. Put the chopped onion, fry until golden brown, stirring occasionally.

onions in a pan

5. After 5-7 minutes, add the mushrooms. Best of all, use forest mushrooms. They are considered more fragrant and will be able to give the dish a rich character. If desired, you can cook this dish with mushrooms.

onions in a pan with mushrooms

6. Be sure to stir the mushrooms with a wooden spatula so that they do not burn. After five minutes, add the chicken fillet to the mushrooms, mix thoroughly.

onions in a pan with mushrooms and meat

7. Fry the chicken with mushrooms to a rosy tint. Fifteen minutes before the chicken is ready, put the washed and dried buckwheat into the pan.

onions mushrooms meat with buckwheat

8. Add salt, spices, black pepper, as well as bay leaf and dill. Tip! After the porridge is ready, take out the bay leaves and get rid of them, as they can add unnecessary bitterness.

spice ingredients

9. Pour a glass of warm water into the 2 pan. When water boils, cover the pan with a lid, leave the dish to simmer on low heat. The cooking time is about twenty minutes.

ingredients with water

10. When the buckwheat porridge is ready, remove the griddle from the stove and leave for fifteen minutes so that each grain can steam out. Serve the finished dish in a la carte plates, after adding a small amount of butter. Decorate the gruel with chicken fillet and mushrooms to your own taste.

Video recipe

As you can see, the proposed dish is cooked simply and quickly, and it turns out very tasty and fragrant.

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