Buckwheat recipe with minced meat and mushrooms

ready buckwheat with mushrooms on a plate

Buckwheat porridge is not only very tasty and nutritious, but also healthy. Many nutritionists and doctors recommend more often to enter into the diet dishes with buckwheat. Buckwheat can be a real festive dish if you cook it with mushrooms, vegetables and minced meat. With such an appetizing dish, you can easily feed your entire family, who will appreciate all your efforts in the kitchen. As for vegetables, you can use tomatoes, onions, carrots, bell peppers, zucchini and asparagus. Cooking this dish is very simple. It is enough to use the proposed step-by-step recipe with photos.

Technology of preparation

Cooking buckwheat with mushrooms and minced meat does not take much time, which is a significant advantage of this dish. Such buckwheat porridge is prepared not only with minced meat, but also with whole pieces of meat: beef, pork and chicken. Buckwheat with minced meat and mushrooms turns out to be juicy, as all the juice and fat present in the meat product permeates each grain. This makes the dish more nutritious, tasty, juicy and satisfying. In combination with vegetables, the dish becomes more attractive, colorful.

Currently, there are many ways of cooking buckwheat porridge in a merchant, each of which is different originality and unique taste.


For the preparation of delicious buckwheat porridge with mushrooms and minced meat will need these ingredients:

mushrooms 250 grams
Chopped meat 250-300 gram
Buckwheat ½ cup
Onions one big head
Vegetable oil 1-2 tablespoons
Water 1 glass
Salt Xnumx tsp
Pepper Mix, Spices to taste

This amount of food is calculated on 3-4 servings. The approximate cooking time is 40 minutes.


1. First you need to carefully examine the proposed recipe, only then proceed to the cooking process, so that there are no hitches. Prepare all the necessary ingredients. As for ground beef, it is better to use fresh, not frozen. Peel the onion and finely chop it. Pour the vegetable oil into the pan and heat it on the stove, then send in it the prepared onions.

chopped onion

2. The duration of passaging onions at minimum heat is five minutes. This process should last until such time as it becomes transparent. At this time, you can add a mixture of peppers to taste.

onions in a pan

3. If the mushrooms and mince were frozen, then defrost them in advance, so that you do not lose time. Add minced meat to onions, continue to fry for about five minutes. Stir the contents of the pan periodically.

mince in a pan

4. Wash the mushrooms thoroughly under running water, dry and chop. Put them in a frying pan and mix with minced meat. Cook for another ten minutes, stirring constantly.

minced meat with mushrooms in a pan

5. While cooking meat with mushrooms, take buckwheat from garbage and various impurities, rinse with running water.

buckwheat on a strainer

6. Put the prepared buckwheat into the pan, pour in boiling water. Add salt and spices, mix thoroughly.

buckwheat with minced meat and mushrooms

7. After the water reaches a boil, reduce the heat. The cooking time from this point should be about twenty minutes. Do not forget to stir. When the porridge is cooked, remove the pan from the oven and leave for another fifteen minutes under a closed lid. Dish served in portions, decorated with greens and fresh vegetables.

Video recipe

Cooking buckwheat according to the proposed recipe is very simple and quick, and the result will please with a chic taste and aroma.

Updated: 06.10.2018

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