How to cook buckwheat with meat in a merchant

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Want to cook for dinner something new, tasty and unusual? Then you can use the step-by-step recipe for an appetizing, nutritious, juicy and healthy dish, namely buckwheat porridge with minced meat in a merchant's style. The cooking process is very simple and straightforward. The old Russian recipe for porridge will be understandable even to the debuting chef.

It is important to note that buckwheat is one of the most useful cereals, which consists of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other substances. In addition, it is in demand among people who prefer a healthy, balanced diet.


Buckwheat grain 1 glass
Chicken minced 400 grams
Tomato paste 2 tablespoons
Butter 50 grams
Onion 1 head
Carrots 1 thing
Salt, powdered sugar to taste
Provence herbs, ground black pepper to taste

The proposed recipe is very simple, but original. Kashka is tender, aromatic, healthy, juicy and tasty. Even a novice will cope with cooking, so feel free to take a step-by-step recipe for a note.


1. Prepare all the necessary ingredients listed in the recipe. If desired, you can change their proportions, add additional ingredients to the recipe.

all necessary ingredients

2. Take a pan or pan made from non-stick material. Put the butter in it to melt on the fire. After that, add the minced chicken. You can use the purchased mince, but it is better to cook it yourself. For 5-7 minutes, fry the meat over low heat, stirring occasionally. Salt mince, add spices.

mince in a pan

3. Peel the onions and carrots, wash them in water. Cut carrots into thin, long straws or grate through a large grater. As for onions, it should be cut into thin half rings. Add vegetables to roasted minced meat, mix thoroughly. When they are slightly roasted, you will feel an incredibly delicious aroma.

mince with carrots in a pan

4. In the meantime, you can do the preparation of buckwheat. The choice of buckwheat is a very important aspect, so give it maximum attention. Groats should be whole, clean, so give preference to the highest grade. This is extremely important because the quality of buckwheat plays a crucial role in the taste of the dish. Measure out a glass of buckwheat, rinse it thoroughly in warm running water, then send to vegetables and meat.

minced meat with carrots and buckwheat

5. Add a small amount of tomato paste. To neutralize the excess acid present in tomatoes, add a little finely powdered sugar.

all ingredients with tomato paste

6. Pour the mixture with a certain amount of water so that the croup is covered by two centimeters. Bring buckwheat with minced meat and vegetables to a boil, then turn down the heat and cover with a lid. The cooking time is about 25-30 minutes. It is forbidden to open the lid and interfere with the contents, otherwise you spoil the appearance of the finished dish. It is important that all the liquid is completely evaporated, it will indicate the readiness of buckwheat.

the resulting mixture with water

7. A few minutes before the porridge is ready, add chopped garlic. This will give the dish a bit of piquancy. After that, remove the pan from the stove, wrap it in a towel, leave for 15 minutes. Before serving, stir the dish and arrange in portions. Garnish with finely chopped greens and vegetables.

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Technology of preparation

Buckwheat porridge is very useful, it is a valuable storehouse of vitamins, amino acids, micro and macronutrients, as well as minerals. On its basis you can cook a lot of dishes. As for buckwheat in a merchant with stuffing, her recipe is extremely simple, and the ingredients used can be found in any refrigerator.

To cook buckwheat in a merchant's way, you can use not only ground beef, but also chicken, pork or mixed. To add extra flavor, you can include in the recipe various vegetables (Bulgarian pepper, tomatoes, zucchini and others).

Buckwheat, cooked in accordance with the old Russian recipe, turns out to be appetizing, tender, juicy and pleasant to taste. Do not forget to take the proposed photo recipe for a note!

Updated: 26.10.2018

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  1. Maja

    Taaa, old Russian ... and tomatoes came to Russia only in the seventeenth century. And Provencal herbs are also Old Russian?

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