Cooking buckwheat in a pan with a stew

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Buckwheat porridge is one of the most popular, favorite, tasty and, most importantly, healthy dishes. It can be eaten daily without harm to the figure and health. If you want to make the porridge more juicy, note the recipe for buckwheat with canned meat. This dish is cooked very quickly. Despite the fact that it is customary to cook it at public events, fishing and hiking, you can also cook it at home, making your own amendments and innovations. If you show a little imagination, you get not just porridge with stewed meat, but a real culinary masterpiece that deserves praise.

Technology of preparation

For cooking buckwheat with stew in a pan will need a minimum amount of ingredients and free time. The dish has many advantages, and this deserves the attention of hostesses:

  • minimum of time;
  • availability of food;
  • simple and simple step-by-step recipe;
  • inexpensive ingredients;
  • quick cooking;
  • great taste;
  • beneficial features.

As for buckwheat itself, it is extremely useful for human health. It contains many minerals, macro-and micronutrients, vitamins. Buckwheat and its dishes are valued and cooked all over the world. There is even a special buckwheat diet. The secret is that it helps to remove extra pounds, saturating the body and cleansing the digestive tract from toxins, mucus, excess fluid. In addition, buckwheat porridge normalizes blood cholesterol levels.

In addition to the standard method of preparation, there is a simple and original recipe that allows you to quickly and tasty make dinner. It is important to note that this will require a minimum amount of products. You can cook buckwheat porridge with meat stew, the dish will be nutritious, satisfying.


You will need the following ingredients:

Beef stew 450 grams
Buckwheat grain 200 grams
Water 500 ml
Carrots 1 thing
Onions one middle head
Fine salt 0,5-1 teaspoon

buckwheat carrot stew


Technology cooking simple dishes with buckwheat:

1. Prepare the proposed food. First of all, you need to do the croup. To do this, it is necessary to pour on a work surface and carefully bust. It is necessary to get rid of small debris, spoiled and black kernels, stones. After that, rinse the cereal with warm running water. To make porridge more tender, you can add buckwheat to water for five minutes.

soaked buckwheat in water
2. Pour the sunflower oil into the pan, as well as the fat that is in the jar of canned meat. Send to the stove, making the minimum level of fire. This is necessary so that all the fat can gradually melt.

Zhyr and vegetable oil in a skillet
3. Onions clean the husks. Then cut into four equal parts and chop very thin half rings. Optionally, you can cut into cubes.

chopped onion in half rings
4. Send the sliced ​​onion to a hot frying pan. Fry until golden brown for five minutes, stirring constantly.

fry onion in a skillet
5. In the meantime, get carrots. It must be cleaned and rinsed in water. Grate it or cut it into thin strips. After that, put in the pan to the onions and pass for five minutes, stirring occasionally.

6. Put the stew out of the jar and slightly mash with a fork.

stew on the board
7. Add meat to the pan. Stir and simmer for at least seven minutes.

stew with carrots and onions
8. Add prepared buckwheat and stir. Pour in water, cover and continue to simmer over low heat. The duration of preparation at this stage is about twenty-five minutes.

buckwheat with stew and carrots
9. Then you need to remove the pan from the stove, leave for fifteen minutes, without opening the lid. Serve portions, decorated with herbs and vegetables.

buckwheat with carrots in a plate

Video recipe

Buckwheat porridge with stew is not just a marching dish, but a chic option for a full-fledged lunch or dinner with family. The main advantages of this porridge are the minimum of time spent, the availability of products and the benefits of the dish.

Updated: 02.07.2018

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