Recipe for cooking buckwheat in a pan with minced meat

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Buckwheat is one of the most popular, tasty, and most importantly useful. If you cook it together with minced meat and vegetables, you get a smart alternative to buckwheat in a merchant's style. This dish is very simple, interesting and fast enough to prepare. With the help of a step-by-step recipe with a photo, the cooking process is greatly simplified. Buckwheat in a merchant with minced meat - a budget and affordable dish for any average family, but this does not make it less useful, tasty and appetizing.

Technology of preparation

Buckwheat porridge goes well with not only meat, but also minced meat. If you serve it with fresh vegetables or salad, you get a full dinner, lunch. For the preparation of this dish will suit any stuffing: chicken, beef, pork, combined. However, pork is best suited, as it is fatter, so buckwheat porridge will be more juicy, saturated.

Such buckwheat can be cooked in a skillet, pan, cauldron, in a frying pan, in pots, in an oven and in a slow cooker. Extraordinarily tasty, fragrant and useful is buckwheat porridge in the oven, namely in clay pots, because this method preserves the flavor.

Buckwheat with minced meat in a frying pan is easy to prepare, so any novice chef can handle it. The cooking process is very simple: preparing buckwheat and minced meat, roasting vegetables. Then all the ingredients interfere and stew in their own juice.


Buckwheat 100 grams
Stuffing 150 grams
Onion 1 medium head
Carrots 1 piece.
Soy sauce 1 teaspoon
Sunflower oil to taste
Ground black pepper, dry garlic, salt, spices and bay leaf to taste

It is important to note that the indescribable aroma of the finished dish is able to awaken the appetite of all households. From the given amount of ingredients you get two full servings.


1. Prepare the foods listed in the recipe. Carefully pick buckwheat to get rid of garbage. After that you can rinse it with cold running water.

washed buckwheat

2. Heat a dry griddle on the stove, then send the grits to it. Fry the cereal for five minutes. Once the buckwheat dries, pour in vegetable or olive oil, mix and transfer to a clean container.

dried buckwheat with butter

3. Take care of the preparation of vegetables. Peel the carrot, onions. Finely chop vegetables. If desired, grate carrots through a large grater.

onions and carrots on a board

4. Heat some vegetable oil in a pan. Then send the prepared vegetables to it, fry them until a beautiful golden hue appears.

onions and carrots in a pan

5. After that, add the minced meat to the vegetables, mix thoroughly. Fry the mixture for seven minutes. At the same time, you can add salt and pepper dish, add some spices. Pour in soy sauce. If you are not a fan of such sauces, you can replace it with a more familiar tomato paste. When the stuffing is almost ready, add some finely chopped or finely chopped garlic through a press. As for dry garlic, it can be put at the time of roasting vegetables with minced meat.

minced meat with vegetables

6. When the meat reaches the desired condition, add the prepared buckwheat. Then stir all ingredients with a spoon.

minced meat with vegetables and buckwheat

7. Bring water to a boil, pour the right amount into the pan. It is important that the liquid covered buckwheat porridge with meat for one to two centimeters. At this stage, you can add a few pieces of bay leaf.

all ingredients with water

8. Cover the pan with a lid. Continue cooking on the lowest heat until ready. The approximate cooking time is fifteen to twenty minutes. Check the dish for readiness is very simple: all the water should evaporate.

porridge under the lid

9. Serve the prepared dish in a portion plate, pre-decorated with vegetables and herbs.

cooked porridge in the pan

Video recipe

Cooking buckwheat porridge with minced meat in a pan with vegetables is very simple. You will need a good step-by-step recipe, high-quality and fresh ingredients, as well as some free time.

Updated: 13.06.2018

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