Raw buckwheat porridge with flax flour and cinnamon

Habitual recipes for various cereals suggest their heat treatment. But there are other, more useful and easy to create dishes from cereals that do not need hot processing. One of the options for this dish is a breakfast of raw buckwheat grains.

Porridge based on them turns out very tasty and nutritious, with a delicate aroma and a pleasant uniform texture.
The process of making a dish does not take more than 10 minutes of free time. The main thing is to pre-fill buckwheat grains with water and leave for 7-10 hours.

To make porridge not a slime, before making it, carefully rinse the prepared cereal under running water. All these small subtleties will help you create a natural and healthy breakfast for all your family without hassle. The composition of raw porridge can be changed. Replace water with hemp or sesame milk, add any spices - and enjoy another option of a healthy and nutritious dish. Berry syrup can be replaced with liquid syrup, natural honey or licorice powder.


  • 1 Art. buckwheat;
  • water (0.5 art.);
  • flax flour (1 tbsp);
  • cinnamon (1 / 4 tsp.);
  • sweet syrup (1-2 art. l.)

1. Pour the liquid into a bowl of buckwheat grains, wait 7-10 hours. We wash the cereal under water. Make sure that no mucus is left in the workpiece. This is a necessary step to create a useful mixture.

2. Pour carefully processed grains into a blender.
3. Pour chopped flax seeds. Pour syrup and add cinnamon.

4. Pour slightly warm liquid (0.5 Art.).

5. We grind the workpiece from raw buckwheat on a high-powered kitchen gadget.
6. Pour the fragrant raw porridge into a plate. Serve “solo” or sprinkle with chocolate chips.

Updated: 20.09.2018

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