Grechanik with minced meat

Grechanik with minced meat

Grechanik with meat - a dish of Ukrainian cuisine, for the preparation of which you will need buckwheat and mince.

Everyone knows that buckwheat is beautiful and useful by itself and it is difficult to spoil it, but it can be boring and boring. Therefore, the enterprising Ukrainian people came up with add to buckwheat porridge various additives (meat, mushrooms, vegetables, etc.), and then form out of this burgers and fry in a pan.

Nutritional value of the dish "Grechanik with minced meat" (100 grams):

Calories 166.5 Kcal
Proteins 7.9 гр.
Fats 10.2 гр.
Carbohydrates 11.4 гр.

So, let's start cooking Greek people with minced meat at home, it is easy, simple and most importantly does not take much time!


Buckwheat - 300 gr.

Stuffing (I have chicken) - 500 gr.

Luk - 1 No

Carrots - 1 pieces.

Egg - 1 pieces.

Flour - 3 st.l.



Sunflower oil for frying

Grechanik with minced meat

Step-by-step cooking

Step 1

We sort out, wash buckwheat and cook it in multivariate in the mode "Krupa" or cook on the stove in the proportion 2: 1.

Grechanik with minced meat

Step 2

Mixed carrots and onions mixed in a blender with chicken minced meat and mix thoroughly.

Grechanik with minced meat

Step 3

Cool the prepared buckwheat and mix with the minced chicken, beat the egg, salt, pepper and mix the mixture.

Grechanik with minced meat

Step 4

We form grechaniki with minced meat and roll them down in flour.

Grechanik with minced meat

Step 5

On a heated and oiled frying pan, place the greek inhabitants with ground beef and fry them on a low heat from the 2's sides until a golden crust is formed.

Grechanik with minced meat

Step 6

We lay out ready-made grechaniki with minced meat on plates, served with sour cream or with tomato sauce. The dish is good in itself, but you can cook vegetables for a side dish.

Bon appetit!

Grechanik with minced meat

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Updated: 09.06.2018

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