Recipe for buckwheat porridge for baby with milk

buckwheat porridge in a bowl

If you are going to prepare a dish for a small child, then you should especially carefully process and prepare food for this. All cereals, excluding manna, must be bruised, that is, visually inspected to prevent foreign objects from entering, and then rinse thoroughly several times.

As soon as a small child appears in the house, it is necessary to purchase a graduated mug with graduations for greater convenience in the process of measuring cereals or liquids. If your child is not yet one year old, then any whole grains will need to be ground before cooking to the smallest state. It is best to use a coffee grinder or blender for this (it is used to grind ready-made cereals, and then pour the milk to the desired state).


Buckwheat grain 1 teaspoon
Water 100 ml
Milk for children or breast 2 tablespoons


Buckwheat is a great first-feeding option for an infant due to the absence of gluten and low allergenicity of the product. Buckwheat has high levels of iron, calcium, phosphorus, iodine, and B vitamins.

1. First you need to prepare the cereal for cooking. You should not take very dark in color buckwheat, for the child should use only the highest grade. It is necessary to carefully sort it out and get rid of debris and foreign objects. Then rinse thoroughly and dry on a paper towel.

buckwheat groats on the board

2. After that, dry and clean grits need to grind in a coffee grinder. The finished version of grinded porridge should be similar to something between semolina and flour. To facilitate the task, you can immediately take the ready-made flour from buckwheat.

buckwheat flour in a bowl

3. To prepare a serving at one time with a prescription, use one teaspoonful of flour or cereal per 100 ml of water to prepare 5% buckwheat porridge for the very first complementary food. If you follow the recipe, the consistency of porridge will be liquid. As soon as the child gets used to such porridge and starts eating from a spoon, then it is possible to increase the concentration to 10% (two teaspoons of ground buckwheat per 100 ml of water).

The principle of cooking according to the recipe is simple: fill the grits with water and boil over a low heat for about 15 minutes, not forgetting to stir in the process. As soon as the porridge is ready, add breast milk (or special baby milk). In the case of artificial feeding it is worth adding the milk formula that is familiar to the baby. In no case do not salt porridge. Buckwheat porridge for baby is ready.

buckwheat flour in a glass

4. For an older child (six months or more) who is not prone to allergic reactions, you can cook buckwheat porridge according to recipes with low-fat milk (just dilute it with 1: 1) - this is how mothers and grandmothers fed us.

buckwheat porridge with milk

For older children, you can use creams (for children!), Some sugar or fructose (if you are not allergic to sugar) as additives to porridge.

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Most pediatricians believe that buckwheat should be the first porridge for feeding babies. This is due to its high level of nutritional value and ease of assimilation for the child's body. Another advantage is its usefulness in the processes of formation and functioning of children's systems and organs. Buckwheat contains a large amount of plant-derived protein and salts: phosphate, magnesium and potassium. Buckwheat is the absolute record for the amount of iron (5 times higher than in rice or semolina). No less useful and porridge in our recipe. Recipes for cooking such dishes as buckwheat for infants, a large number, but their essence boils down to about the same. Cooked rice porridge for babies in our recipe will be no less tasty and useful.

If your baby is allergic, you should use only approved products. For example, it can be a fruit puree (as a filler for buckwheat) from a banana or pear.

Updated: 05.01.2019

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  1. VikaKlubnika

    Cool recipe! I will definitely send it to my girlfriend, she is now just feeding her baby in the diet of her baby and experimenting with healthy and tasty dishes.

  2. Vitalina

    And I at the beginning of the lure specially baby porridge bought, and now I think that it is better to grind and cook the usual one. But you know for sure that apart from milk, cereals and water, there is nothing superfluous in it. And then the producers put in baby food and starch, and baking powder, and salt, sugar, without which a child up to a year can easily do. I will try today to my child to make such a gruel and give him a banana.

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