How to cook pea porridge with stew

ready-made porridge with gravy

Pea porridge, cooked with the addition of delicious stew - a unique dish that is famous for satiety, wonderful aroma and delicate taste. If you cook a similar dish for a good and proven recipe for years, then your family will appreciate it. There are a huge number of recipes that provide for pea porridge as an independent dish or as a side dish.

If you want to make this dish more spicy and original, use not ordinary peas, but green peas. The chemical composition of this ingredient includes a huge amount of vitamins, minerals, beneficial and nourishing amino acids. Pea porridge with stew is a great option for a hearty, tasty, balanced and nutritious lunch or dinner. Use the unique recipe, which is complemented by detailed photos, greatly facilitating the process of cooking. You can also cook buckwheat with stew.

For cooking you will need the following ingredients:


Dry green peas 500 grams
Pork stew one can (500 gr)
Carrots two pieces
Red bell pepper (sweet) one joke
Salt pepper to taste
Water one litre
Vegetable oil three tablespoons
Cream 100 ml
Dill, parsley for decoration


Step-by-step cooking porridge with stew with the provision of detailed photos:

1. To cook a tasty gruel, you must select a quality cereal. Measure out the required amount of green peas and rinse with warm water to get rid of dirt and debris. It is advisable to soak it for a couple of hours so that it becomes more pliable during the cooking process.

green peas in toe

2. Then take a solid saucepan with a thick bottom and walls. Put it on the stove. Pour the prepared water and bring to a boil. After that, add peas and cook over low heat. The approximate cooking time to a mushy state is forty minutes. Pour in the cream and mix with a wooden spatula.

cooking peas in a saucepan

3. In the meantime, you can do vegetables. Peel the carrot and grate it on a coarse grater.

grated carrot grated

4. Wash the bell pepper, remove the seeds from it and cut into strips.

red pepper on the board

5. Take a griddle, put on the stove and pour in vegetable oil. Heat up. Then put the prepared carrots and chopped bell pepper. Fry in hot oil until the moment when the juice from the vegetables goes.

Bulgarian pepper and carrots in a pan

6. The next step is cooking the stew. It is necessary to choose a high-quality stew, preferably homemade. Open a jar, remove excess fat, put the meat on a plate or board, gut it slightly. Then mix with carrots and bell peppers.

stew on a plate

7. The final stage of cooking is the assembly and serving of dishes. Take a portion plate. Put gruel on top and stew with roasted vegetables. Sprinkle with chopped dill and garnish with parsley.

Pea porridge with stew is ready. This delicious, balanced, satisfying and healthy dish will appeal to absolutely everyone.

Besides the fact that this dish is very satisfying and tasty, it is very beneficial for health. Pea porridge is a rich source of vitamins, amino acids, minerals, nutrients, and protein, which is the foundation of the human body.

Video recipe

This dish has a beneficial effect on the work of the stomach, intestines, blood vessels, heart and nervous system. It cleanses the body of all kinds of harmful substances, toxins, fats, mucus and toxins. Strengthens the immune system and improves appearance. Cook with pleasure and delight your loved ones with delicious dishes!

You can also cook pea mash without stew.

Updated: 10.05.2018

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