Recipe for cooking pea porridge with chicken

ready pea porridge with chicken on a plate

The twenty first century is a time of extraordinarily useful technologies, which not only simplify human life, but also become faithful, irreplaceable helpers. Kitchen appliances is no exception. One such miracle of technology is the slow cooker, which will help to cook any dish without the hassle and much faster than on a regular stove. The advantage of such a household appliance is also that in the cooking process all the useful substances, vitamins and trace elements of the ingredients are saved. There is a huge variety of recipes for cooking dishes in a slow cooker.

Try to cook an unusually useful pea gruel in an amazing recipe using a multicooker. To do this, you can use a household appliance of any brand, for example: Mulinex, Philips, Scarlet, Panasonic, Polaris, Dex, Redmond. Multivarki differ in volume, power, the presence of various functions.

Pea porridge is a great option for a full and harmonious breakfast. If you add fish, meat or chicken to the dish, it will be a great lunch or dinner. It is advisable to cook such porridge for breakfast or lunch, as the peas are a very nourishing and nutritious product that fills the body with vigor and energy. One portion of the finished dish will provide you with an unlimited amount of strength for the whole day.

Pea porridge in the crock-pot will become the favorite recipe of your household. Cooking is not difficult. To prepare the meal, you need the following ingredients:


Crushed peas 0,5 kg
Water 600 ml
Chicken fillet 400 grams
Salt, pepper, spices, bay leaf to taste
Vegetable oil 40 ml
Butter 60 grams
greens (parsley, dill, cilantro, green onions) for decoration


Step-by-step preparation of a dish according to a proven recipe with the provision of photographs of the culinary process:

1) First you need to choose high-quality peas. Sift it with a small sieve to get rid of unwanted debris, various impurities. Rinse under running water. If necessary, repeat the procedure several times until the water is clear. Take a deep bowl or plate, shift the peas into it and cover with warm water. Leave an 1 hour. This is necessary so that it boils down faster. If possible, soak the peas on the 8-10 hours.

peas in a bowl of water

2) In the meantime, you can do chicken fillet. Rinse with running water and dry using paper towels. Take a cutting board and a sharp knife. Cut into arbitrary pieces. Put the pan on the stove, pour in the vegetable oil and warm it thoroughly. Then transfer the sliced ​​meat to the pan. Fry over low heat, pour in a small amount of water, salt. Cover and simmer the chicken for ten minutes. Then you can set aside from the stove.

chicken fillet in a pan

3) After the peas stand in the water and swell a little, you can start cooking it. Connect the multicooker to the outlet. Drain water from cereals. Pour peas into the bowl.

peas pour out in a slow cooker

4) Then take warm water and pour in the multicooker. Make sure that the liquid covers all the grits for at least twenty millimeters.

water is poured into the slow cooker

5) Salt the water. Select the function "Porridge" or "Beans". Set the required amount of time, namely one hour. Click "Start". Cover the lid. About the end of the cooking process you can find out by the sound signal. Now you need to open the lid.

peas in a slow cooker

6) Now is the time to add a piece of butter and carefully mix the peas to make a mushy state.

boiled peas in a slow cooker

7) Then take the fried chicken meat (more here) and transfer it to the multicooker container. Stir in peas. Serve the dish on a la carte plates, sprinkle with chopped greens. An ideal addition to this dish will be a fresh vegetable salad.

Video recipe

Cook according to the proposed recipe, and the pooch will turn out saturated and crumbly. Delight your loved ones and relatives with a delicious homemade culinary masterpiece.

We bring to your attention one more our recipe - pea porridge in a slow cooker.

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  1. Alice

    Added to the piggy bank recipes! Porridge was canceled! I sit on a diet, a week I eat only cereals, monotony bothers. But I know what I aspire to - clean skin and shiny hair!

  2. Maria

    Everything about peas, I love since childhood. I can't roast it, so the porridge in the slow cooker is just for me. The stomach has stopped hurting and digestion has improved.

  3. Dasha

    Pea porridge is rich in vegetable protein, and also very tasty and satisfying! Thanks for the recipe!

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