How to quickly make a healthy pea porridge

Ready pea porridge

Everyone likes pea porridge, regardless of culinary tastes. This is one of the most favorite dishes in Russia for centuries. The benefit of this dish was appreciated by our ancestors. The pea was the favorite dish of kings and princes. Properly cooked porridge can enrich the body with useful substances, vitamins and minerals.

There are many recipes for cooking pea porridge. Today we look at the easiest recipe - in a hurry. Cook such a dish will be able to anyone, even without culinary talents.

I had to hear a lot of questions related to cooking pea porridge. With the most frequent questions I will acquaint you and try to give an answer to them. So:

  • how to cook pea porridge on the water without soaking;
  • how many calories in pea porridge;
  • whether the taste of the food is different when cooked in a slow cooker;
  • kakava calorie pea porridge cooked in a slow cooker;
  • how to cook soft and tender peas;
  • how much to cook pea porridge.

We will tell about how to cook pea porridge in vegetable oil, and a photo for each stage will simplify the matter. Cook peas can be in a pressure cooker. Thus, you can save time. However, the amount of BAS decreases due to increased pressure and temperature. Therefore, we will cook today in a regular saucepan.

The recipe is shown in 2 servings. Since peas are a very nourishing and nutritious product, one portion can satisfy hunger for a long time. For this reason, dishes based on peas are recommended to be served for breakfast or lunch.


Peas 1-1,5 glass
Vegetable oil 2 Art. spoons
Butter 50 gr
Carrots 0,5 pcs (average)
Bow 0,5 heads (medium)
Salt, greens, spices to taste


1. Choose the right peas. It is important to understand that the caloric content, beneficial properties and other characteristics do not depend on the degree of crushing of peas. However, the cooking time varies considerably. Crushed peas are prepared faster than others (35-40 minutes). And the longest, whole foods are boiled (more than one hour). The photo shows split peas. His and choose for cooking porridge.

Selected peas

2. Thoroughly wash the grains in cool water. It is necessary to rinse correctly - several times, until the water becomes transparent. The more thoroughly the product is washed, the tastier the meal will be.

Washing peas with water

3. Fill the peas with water, salt and set on fire. The consistency of the future dish depends on the amount of water. Do not forget to periodically interfere, so that our dish does not burn. Our recipe will be supplemented with onions and carrots to make the porridge more juicy and rich. To do this, take a carrot and onion, clean. Cut into small cubes.

Sliced ​​onions and carrots

4. Fry carrots and onions in vegetable oil. Onions should get a golden hue, carrots - to become softer.

Fried onions and carrots

5. When the peas absorb all the water and become soft and boiled, you can crush it with a blender or tolkushki to the consistency of mashed potatoes. To make the peas boil well, it is advisable to cook it on low heat in a saucepan with a non-stick coating and a thick bottom.

6. Stir peas and roasted vegetables, dressing with butter. Pea porridge with vegetables ready! Before serving, it can be supplemented with greens or fresh tomatoes, cucumbers.

Peas, like all legumes, has unique properties. Calorie pea porridge is very low, while it contains a lot of protein. For this reason, this dish is often introduced into the diet of athletes and people on a diet. Peas contain the majority of micro-and macro-elements, vitamins, amino acids, antioxidants essential for the human body.

Video recipe

The benefits of antioxidants are relatively new. They contribute to the oxidation of free radicals, which cause many negative phenomena in the body.

To preserve the beneficial properties of the product during heat treatment, it is recommended not to fry the peas, but to cook over low heat.

It is important to understand that, like other products, peas can have a harmful effect on the body. This croup is contraindicated for people suffering from diabetes, bowel disease, duodenal ulcer and stomach. In some cases it is recommended to limit the consumption of this product.

Pea porridge contributes to increased gas formation, the occurrence of flatulence. To avoid various problems with the stomach, it is necessary to properly prepare the dish and not abuse it.

The use of peas helps to strengthen the immune system, has a beneficial effect on the skin, cardiovascular system, brain function. Peas are useful for chronic fatigue and as a means of improving body tone. Pea porridge - a versatile dish that is easy to prepare. In addition, it refers to dietary dishes. Caloric content is only 100 kcal per 100 grams.

Updated: 21.08.2018

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  1. Mark

    I believe that the recipe should show how to cook, and not just explain what a wonderful dish it is.
    - need to zamachivat? how long? time soaking the water to change? how long to cook? poke under the lid is necessary?

  2. Igor

    Pea porridge is useful. Do not frighten people with the word “harm” in the title :-) This is both protein and strength and a lot of essential trace elements for the whole body. During the Great Depression in America, many people died from pellagra, a disease caused by a lack of protein. But it was easy to recover from it - pea porridge and other legumes, because it is an inexpensive, simple source of easily digestible protein. Pea porridge is both tasty, affordable and useful for everyone) And with such recipes like on your site you can find yourself a favorite version of such porridge, even the most unusual one)

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