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Pea puree with breadcrumbs

At all times, peas were famous for their high content of vitamins, nutrients and microelements. With it you can cook a lot of recipes: mashed potatoes, salads, soups, snacks, canned. You can use it as a filling for pancakes, pies, casseroles. Today we will cook pea puree. To cook it properly, you need to know the secrets and features of cooking. Cook pea puree can be on the stove, using a microwave oven, multi-cooker (more here), pressure cookers.

Want to diversify your menu and add to the collection of recipes? Learn how to cook pea puree, the caloric content of which is not so big, try to prepare it for our recipe and you will understand that it is a tasty, unusual and healthy dish. Calorie pea puree will be 100 kcal per serving. The most important thing is that it is nutritious, the peas contain the same amount of proteins as veal.

Do you want this dish, exquisite in its simplicity, to be the best dinner for the family? Do you dream to surprise guests with an unusual recipe? Cooking recipes are many. Cook and serve to the table, pea puree on a large plate with greens, fresh vegetables or onion roast.

Prepares easily and quickly. An important point, if you decide to cook pea puree, soak it in water for 5 – 7 hours (depending on the variety). A little advice: peas are difficult to digest food, so serve it for breakfast or lunch. Due to its nutritional value and low calorie content (which is quite rare), 100 grams of the finished product will satisfy hunger for a long time. An excellent and proven recipe will help you to prepare pea puree.

So, I give you a recipe for pea puree.


Peas 1 glass
Butter 100 grams
Cream 100 ml.
Olive oil 2 tablespoons
Fine salt ½ tsp
Специи to taste
Parsley, basil, green onions

Calorie dishes will be 180 kcal.

Step-by-step cooking

1. The most important thing in cooking, before cook pea porridge, pick the right peas and dunk it. Pour into a bowl. Rinse under running water in order to get rid of dust, excess garbage. Fill it with water, leave hours on 6, not less, according to the recipe. Therefore, it is better to soak overnight, and in the morning to start cooking. There are recipes for mashed pea porridge and without soaking, but in our case it should be soaked.

Washed peas

2. In the next stage of preparation, rinse again with running water. Pour into a frying pan or thick-walled saucepan. Add olive oil and stir. Pour hot water to be higher on the 2 – 4 cm pea level.

Peas in a pan

3. Cover with a lid. Sometimes stir, follow the water. We need razvarit peas. Boil for about 45 – 55 minutes, depending on the pea variety. During this time, almost all the water is absorbed.

Roasted Peas

4. Then remove the pan from the stove. Take a clean pan and fall asleep in it boiled peas.

Boiled peas in a pan

5. It is an important part of making delicious mashed potatoes. Take a tolkushku or blender, with their help bring this mass to a uniform state. Make sure that there are no lumps (spoil the whole taste). Salt, add spices to taste. Add butter and cream.

Blender ground peas
6. The dish is ready. Feel free to serve. Garnish with chopped herbs and homemade crackers. To do this, take the loaf, cut into cubes, send to the preheated oven for 10 minutes. Homemade, healthy croutons are ready.

Ready mashed potatoes

A great addition to serve fresh vegetables, light salad. Follow the directions in the recipe and you will have a divinely delicious dish. Which will be appreciated by all who try it.

Video recipe

Many of you have probably heard about such a kitchen appliance as a pressure cooker. It occupies an important and honorable place among pans, pots, various kitchen appliances. Because she alone can replace all pots.

You can find a huge number of recipes for it. Mashed pea cooked in a pressure cooker is a great idea for a healthy breakfast with the whole family. To prepare it will take very little time. Calorie puree in a pressure cooker, will be 140 kcal, less than in a conventional saucepan. Now I will tell you how to cook pea puree in a pressure cooker.

Pressure cooker recipe

To do this, touch and soak peas in water for 20 minutes. Fall asleep in a pressure cooker, fill with water, simmer 50 minutes. Grind to a smooth mass using a blender, mixer or tolkushki. Add salt, pepper, spices, herbs, butter and whatever you want. Serve as a great side dish to baked fish or meat goulash. It can be used as a main dish with ketchup, mayonnaise, sour cream, adjika, vegetable sauce. As you can see, the recipe is simple and straightforward.

Dishes cooked in a pressure cooker are tastier, more aromatic, healthier. Cook on health. Please yourself and your loved ones. Nutritionists argue about the benefits and harms of peas and dishes from it, which everyone should know.

Use mashed potatoes

This product has no analogue in its chemical composition.. High content of trace elements, vitamins and salts. One pea contains almost the entire periodic table. Some of the trace elements: copper, aluminum, phosphorus, potassium, titanium, chromium and many others. Contains starch, sugar, fatty acids. The benefits of pea is that it contains a lot of protein, it is necessary for the full functioning and development of the body. It is considered the "foundation" of a healthy life. Peas are rich in such amino acids: lysine, cysteine, tryptophan, methionine. They provide:

  • fighting depression, migraine, headache, nervosa;
  • improves memory, has a beneficial effect on brain activity;
  • regulates metabolism, normalizes intestinal microflora;
  • produce the hormone of happiness, improve sleep.

This culture contains such vitamins necessary for humans: A, B, PP, beta-carotene, E, K. Contains a lot of carbohydrates, so the caloric content of peas in a dry form is 300 kcal. In boiled form, calorie content is halved. Salts contained in the grains, help cleanse the body and remove fluid. Adding to the diet pea delicacies, improves immunity, fights against viral infections, strengthens the body. Beneficial effect on skin and face color, condition of nails and hair. The benefit of the dish is that it fights meteorism, constipation, poor appetite, high pressure, anemia.

Harm pea puree

Many will be surprised, because the pea puree brings not only benefit, but also harm. It is undesirable to add to the diet for diseases such as gout, leukemia, inflammation of the gallbladder. Carefully add little kids to the menu.

  1. Harmful in acute diseases of the digestive system.
  2. May harm older people as digestion is impaired with age.

It is necessary to take into account the harm and benefit of pea puree, when added to the diet. Be healthy. Cook with this recipe and enjoy.

You'll love it even more. pea puree in a slow cooker recipe with photo and video.

Updated: 13.12.2018

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  1. Yuliya

    Thanks for the recipe! Pea puree is really yummy. I want to share a little secret of cooking: if you soak the peas in water with soda (on 0,5 kg of peas, about 1 tsp without a soda slide, add water to cover the peas well) for 1-2 hours. Cook further as usual, but the cooking time is reduced to 20-30 minutes. And the peas at the same time crumbles into a puree, do not need any blender or tolkushki.

  2. Yana

    Fine! I know what I will cook tomorrow - pea puree. :)
    My husband loves peas and pea porridge, but I have not cooked mashed potatoes for him yet. Today, before going to bed, I will soak peas, and tomorrow I will please my beloved with a new dish. :)

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